‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette’s Reason Why She is Vocal About Her Beliefs

by Joe Rutland

Pauley Perrette is quite open about her beliefs. Still, some might wonder what is behind that need from the “NCIS” alumnus.

Well, Outsiders, Perrette was asked just about that point. She played forensic scientist Abby Sciuto on the CBS drama for 15 seasons before leaving.

About her beliefs, well, Perrette talked about it in a 2007 interview with Pop Entertainment.

“It’s a really interesting thing,” the “NCIS” star said. “I don’t know why people listen to celebrities, but they do. I’m sitting here surrounded by all these rescue dogs. Without animal rescue… the mass breeding of animals is very disturbing to me.” 

‘NCIS’ Star Said She’s Run Across People Who Never Think About Rescuing Dog

Perrette said that she’s found people don’t think about rescuing a dog.

“For whatever reason – reading something or because they like an actor or an actress – you know, it’s happened,” she said. “It’s weird, when it’s actually you, you think, me? Who on earth would really care what I have to say? I feel that way all the time. 

“But, you know what? If it helps you might as well try it,” the “NCIS” star said.

Perrette then speaks about gay rights.

“It’s a civil rights issue that’s right in our face,” she said. “I think that it’s getting better, but it’s really misunderstood a little bit. 

Perrette’s Old Show Going Through Some Changes As Harmon Leaves

“All these horrible stereotypes and weird things about this one part of our community,” Perrette of “NCIS” fame said. “It’s good for somebody to say, hey, you know what, that’s really judgmental and wrong. And like I said, sometimes celebrities end up saying stuff that changes things. But that’s not why it works.” 

As for her old show, “NCIS” is going through some changes. Longtime lead actor Mark Harmon stepped away from his role as Jethro Gibbs after last Monday’s episode.

It’s not clear whether Harmon is gone forever or just for now. He is one of the show’s producers, too. Fans who think the actor is going to retire are in luck. Harmon has no plans on doing that as he’s busy with his production company.

While we’re talking about Gibbs and Abby, there was a connection between the characters.

“You know, the relationship is fascinating,” Perrette said to Pop Entertainment. “I’ve always suspected, and of course we don’t know… we’re always the last to know… but it almost seems familial, you know?  Like are they related? What is it?”

The actress admits that she did cherish the storyline between the two characters.

“I love that relationship,” Perrette said. “I love that he’d be the hard, gruff boss and then when it comes to Abby – he loves her.”