‘NCIS’ and ‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Reveal Which Show Feels ‘Most Different’ Without Series Lead

by Shelby Scott

This fall has marked some pivotal season events for several of Outsider’s favorite procedural dramas, especially in the cases of “NCIS” and “Chicago Fire.” Both the CBS and NBC hit shows saw the departure of some of their most iconic series leads, if not the most iconic. As such, fans are having a hard time adjusting.

“NCIS” saw the leave of beloved actor Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs). Over on NBC, “Chicago Fire” said goodbye to Jesse Spencer (Matt Casey). Since their leave, viewers have shared which of the shows feels “most different” without our beloved characters.

As stated by TVInsider, neither of these departures came as a real surprise. “NCIS” fans began preparing for the departure of the CBS show’s iconic lead agent way before the season 19 premiere. Following rumors the Gibbs actor desired to leave “NCIS,” fans spent the summer considering potential plot lines leading to his exit.

Meanwhile, “Chicago Fire’s” Jesse Spencer did not give early indications hinting at his departure prior to season 10. Fortunately, NBC was kind enough to give us a little warning regardless. The potential for Matt’s move to Oregon came as soon as the character reconnected with a late friend’s teenaged sons. His decision to leave Chicago came as the boys were threatened to be separated into the foster care system.

Now, fans have blatantly expressed their opinions on TVInsider. While the poll remains open at the moment, “NCIS” has a slight lead over “Chicago Fire.”

‘NCIS’ Premieres First Episode Monday Following Gibbs Departure

Monday, November 1st airs “NCIS’s” first official episode without now-departed actor Mark Harmon. As such, it’s bound to be a tense one. Titled “False Start,” the sixth episode of the 19th season will see former FBI agent Alden Park filling the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Thankfully, as “NCIS” fans remain anxious about the show’s persistence following the actor’s departure, CBS graciously released a sneak peek of the brand new episode prior to its airing Monday. As we would expect, the episode puts a highlight on the team’s adjustment to the new lead agent. However, it also points to a major difference between new lead Park and longtime lead Gibbs.

Most prominently, the sneak peek frames Park as a much more vocal, even laid back, individual compared to Gibbs. “NCIS” fans and the dynamic team both have adjusted and become dependent upon Gibbs’ no-nonsense and to-the-point attitude. So, when the preview shows Park bringing in baked goods and asking about the team’s weekend, it comes as an overall shock.

Simultaneously, the upcoming episode features a new kind of plotline. The sixth episode will see the “NCIS” team investigating the death of Navy commander responsible for training high-profile athletes. However, a constant throughout the decades since “NCIS’s” debut, the episode promises a unique spin on the commander’s investigation.