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‘NCIS’ Boss Hints at Potential Return for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

by Joe Rutland
mark harmon photo
(Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

NCIS fans have been wondering whether Mark Harmon will bring his Leroy “Jethro” Gibbs character back to the show. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the NCIS universe. Harmon has not been seen since he stepped away in Season 19. So, will we have a potential return for Gibbs? The NCIS showrunner offers some insights.

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“I don’t see how we don’t see him one more time at some point,” showrunner Steven D. Binder told TV Insider in an interview. “Gibbs has, in my mind, advanced to a higher plane of existence for now—I don’t want to place him in an apartment in Anchorage or anywhere. We left him smiling on a river happy, and that’s the image I want people to have until we’re really ready to blow that out of the water or truly embrace it in some way.”

‘NCIS’ Will Air Episode No. 450 This Monday Night On CBS

It’s also worth noting that this Monday’s episode will be No. 450 in the illustrious series’ history. Not many TV shows reach that level of success. People might have been hoping a Gibbs return would happen on Monday night. Now, we know that it’s not going to happen. Another noteworthy moment is that Gibbs was not killed off the show. If Harmon had wanted to end his appearances in a sense of finality, then he would have been killed. Now that he’s simply living a better life in Alaska, it gives the showrunner, writers, and even Harmon himself an “in” for a future return.

Earlier in February, NCIS star Rocky Carroll had some thoughts of his own about a possible Gibbs return. “I think as long as this show stays on the air, there will always be a little bit of a tease that we might see Gibbs again,” Carroll told TVLine in an interview. “First time I saw an episode of this show, I said, oh, it’s Gary Cooper from High Noon. Gibbs is the moral compass. He’s the moral compass that we all wish we had.”

Mark Harmon Has Stayed Silent About His Character

While Binder, Carroll, and others have been talking about Gibbs, Harmon has stayed silent on the matter. It’s probably a personal choice by the actor to keep a low profile. Still, it’s hard to believe that Harmon hasn’t had anything to say. He is still involved with NCIS as an executive producer. Could there be some way that Gibbs pops up? Maybe it involves the team going to Alaska or Gibbs returning to Washington, D.C., for an assignment. Fans will be watching and waiting to see if Harmon comes on back to NCIS.