‘NCIS’: Breaking Down Meaning Behind Upcoming Episode Titled ‘Docked’

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS, thankfully, rests this Monday. There will be no new episode. We should use it as a time for post-Gibbs reflection and to process all these changes.

But once there’s some NCIS quiet time, we can look ahead to some future episodes. The one that runs Nov. 8 is called Docked. There’s no handy CBS plot summary. Nor are there photos available to tease the episode. Only the name of the episode is available at this point.

What does it all mean? The folks at cartermatt.com speculate that Docked has to do with a big Naval ship. Cause docked is what ships do. Maybe there’s a fascinating crime on deck, while docked.

Plus, maybe the name has something to do with who might be agent in charge. It looks obvious to everyone the new boss will be Alden Parker (Gary Cole). That’s the direction Vance (Rocky Carroll) is headed. It seems that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) still is calling some personnel shots from his Alaska fish camp. Off-camera, he dropped some office advice to Parker and he gave career platitudes to McGee (Sean Murray).

Meaning of Last NCIS Episode Name was a Nod to Bowie Changes

The meaning of this last NCIS episode didn’t play out until the very end. Face the Strange was the nod to the musical taste of Parker and not to the odd case the agents solved. In the case of the week, the crew figured out that a Navy hacker wasn’t a new fangled-suicide bomber who blew up without a suicide vest.

Actually, the murderer was a mobster getting rid of federal witnesses. His last target was a court reporter who was documenting testimony. You needed a high-security clearance for his cases. But the mobster forced a doctor into placing an explosive in the guy’s pacemaker. Jimmy and Ducky were able to remove it, before everyone in the NCIS office blew up.

So what was Face the Strange? Parker tried to have everyone believe he was on his way to a Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert. He kept using that excuse as a reason to leave before the case was solved. Gibbs told Parker to downplay his interest. The agents figured out that there was no concert. So Parker admitted his real musical preferences. He’s a Bowie guy. And Face the Strange is the second line of the chorus from David Bowie’s Changes.

The next NCIS, which runs Nov. 1., is called False Start. From CBS, the plot summary says “NCIS investigates the death of a beloved Navy commander who trained some of the top athletes in the country.” And the name False Start seems obvious. It’s a football penalty. You could also use it for a bad start of a race. It goes well with an episode about a murder of someone training top athletes. Stay tuned.