‘NCIS’: Brian Dietzen Breaks Down the Challenges of Portraying Jimmy Palmer

by Megan Molseed

For nineteen seasons, Brian Dietzen has been portraying Jimmy Palmer on the hit CBS series, NCIS.

First coming to the series as a part-time player, Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer was eventually moved up to one of the NCIS’s main characters a few seasons into the series.

During his time on the show, Dietzen has certainly gotten to know his NCIS character well.

However, the actor says that there are always some challenges he will face portraying the recurring NCIS character. For Dietzen one of the biggest challenges he has faced during his tenure on NCIS was working with the “long-term storytelling.”

“One of the challenges is not to rest on our laurels and repeat what we’ve done in the past,” Brian Dietzen explains to Starry Mag.

“It’s to continue to have the character grow and to create new challenges and opportunities for the character while sticking true to what brought us here,” the actor continues. “Sticking to the same DNA that Jimmy has grown up with. Not changing him completely, but having him evolve enough so the audience feels they are growing with the character.”

While it’s difficult for Dietzen, this is also part of the fun of being an actor.

Dietzen Finds Fun In New Challenges Onscreen

“I think it’s a fun challenge as an actor because you could sit back and say, ‘Well, let’s just do the same stuff we did in Season 8, 9 and 10’ and repeat the same notes,” Dietzen says.

“But it’s fun to find new challenges and new relationships with characters and also having old relationships evolve,” the actor continues, noting that even Jimmy Palmer’s relationship with the former NCIS head, Leroy Jethro Gibbs grew over time.

“Certainly, Jimmy’s relationship with Gibbs has changed quite a bit over the last few years,” Dietzen says. “And it’s been fun to play with that.”

Brian Dietzen may find portraying Jimmy Palmer’s growing relationships on camera to be a challenge at times.

However, the actor himself certainly has no problems developing relationships with his coworkers off camera.

In fact, the actor was recently seen goofing around with NCIS costar Sean Murray, who portrays Timothy McGee on the popular series.

‘What Are You Wearing’ the ‘NCIS’ Edition

Last month, Brian Dietzen posted a photo of himself with Sean Murray on his Twitter page during the annual Met Gala.

No, the NCIS stars weren’t attending the gala that evening. But, they did want to show off their trendy NCIS couture nonetheless.

“So we couldn’t make it to the #MetGala red carpet (working),” Dietzen writes in the tweet. “but here’s what @SeanHMurray and I were going to wear, and here are our poses.”

The photo features both Murray and Dietzen in their NCIS outfits. Murray is donning a suit that is perfectly McGee while Dietzen is sporting a pair of blue scrubs. The perfect choice for Jimmy Palmer.

I mean, if there was an award for the most NCIS-like fashion choice for the evening, these NCIS players would certainly have won!