‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Is Excited for Fans To See Episode He Co-Wrote

by Jonathan Howard

One of the great parts about NCIS is how much work the cast gets to put into the show. From directing to even writing episodes.

Brian Dietzen is getting the VIP treatment this season. The actor who portrays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the show co-wrote an episode. While it has not been fully edited and produced yet, the actor is excited. As he should be. Getting to co-write an episode of a show like NCIS is a big deal.

In the past, there have been other actors and actresses that moved beyond their roles on screen. This can give the show a new and interesting look and feel. While it isn’t likely to change things up too much, it should be a fun and exciting episode.

Check out the Instagram post below and see the excitement that Dietzen has yourself.

“After about 13 hours spent with [Scott Williams] and [Jonathan Poirier] in the writer’s edit of our episode,” the caption read. “We’re passing it on to the producers for the next steps. Very excited for everyone to see this show! Incredible to be a part of this team. Everyone in our cast and crew brought their A game.”

After spending so much time on the show, cast members likely come up with all kinds of new and interesting ideas. New ideas for bad guys, crimes, and more. When they live the show and let their imagination run wild, there is a lot that these folks can do on the screen.

NCIS Season 19 continues. The episode last night featured a moment that is going to make life easier for Dietzen’s character Dr. Palmer a lot easier.

Gibbs’ Legacy Lives on In ‘NCIS’ Clip

Last night during the all-new episode of NCIS there wasn’t a Gibbs appearance. However, the next best thing might have happened. The episode dealt with a heavy case where a Naval officer was accused of selling defense secrets. When that was all done, there was a touching moment in Director Vance’s office.

As Dr. Palmer enters Director Vance’s office, Timothy McGee is already sitting there. It is clear that there is important information that is about to be shared. Both McGee and Palmer had $10,000 deposits made to their bank accounts. No one was sure where it came from. But, of course, Gibbs was behind it.

When Gibbs’ daughter passed away, he had started a college fund. Instead of emptying it and moving on, he kept the account open. He has been paying for NCIS agents to send their kids to school for a long time now. Even Vance was a recipient. The Leroy Jethro Gibbs College Scholarship Club now has two new members.