‘NCIS’: Brian Dietzen Has Fans Going Wild Over Birthday Message to Former Costar

by Lauren Boisvert

In more emotional “NCIS” news, Brian Dietzen wished former co-star Lauren Holly a happy birthday in a sweet tweet. This is more happy emotional news instead of heartbreaking emotional news like the new Torres scene Wilmer Valderrama recently shared. But, fans are feeling the emotions nonetheless.

Lauren Holly, best known for playing Director Jenny Shepard on “NCIS,” celebrated her 58th birthday on Oct. 28. Brian Dietzen, who currently plays chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer, wrote on Twitter, “Happy birthday to @LaurenHolly!!! Miss you my friend! Hope it’s a great day.”

Fans saw this and were whipped up into a tizzy; it’s always nice to find out that co-stars are actual friends in real life. Even though Lauren Holly hasn’t been on “NCIS” for 13 years, Dietzen still took the time to remember his friend on her birthday.

A lot of fans took to Twitter after seeing his message to send Holly their own well wishes. “Happy birthday, Director!” one fan replied. Another wrote, “Oh my god, I’m crying!” in response to the overflowing friendship emotions. One fan even wished her a happy birthday in Welsh, writing, “Penblwydd hapus I ti (happy birthday to you) as we say in Wales.” Talk about a cool birthday.

‘NCIS’: Fans Give Advice on How Alden Parker Could Surpass Gibbs

Speaking of “NCIS” leaders, fans have been dealing with Alden Parker as leader of the team for about one episode now. This next one, titled “False Start,” will give fans a real look at what Alden Parker can really do as a leader.

But, at the request of “NCIS” Twitter, fans have put together some advice for Alden Parker on how he can be a better team leader.

One fan simply wrote, “Quit.” Which, fair. Fans are still distraught over Gibbs’ sudden departure and Parker taking over his desk. A lot of fans wanted to see McGee in the chair, but McGee turned the job down.

Other fans suggested some of Gibbs’ rules, like Rule 9, always carry a knife. Possibly to defend himself when Torres comes after him in his sleep, the way things are going between them. Another fan had some sage wisdom for the new boss, writing, “Don’t try to be another Gibbs…Make your OWN set of rules.” Excellent advice.

Alden Parker already seems like he’s not going to follow in Gibbs’ footsteps. For one, he brought the team pastries. For two, he’s making small talk with them instead of just saying “Grab your gear” in lieu of a good morning. Parker seems to be putting in the effort; it doesn’t seem like just a way to not be unemployed anymore. He’s sarcastic and dry, but he’s also trying to get to know his team in a genuine way.