‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Thanks Show’s Fans After a Strong Fall 2021

by Anna Dunn

NCIS star Brian Dietzen recently thanked the show’s fans for a strong fall season. The actor, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the hit drama, sent out the message in a new tweet following the CBS fall ratings report that showed NCIS did very well.

“This made me smile. 19 years, and still going strong! Many thanks [to] those who continue to watch and support,” the actor wrote in a tweet.

NCIS has performed very well in the ratings despite the fact that lead actor Mark Harmon, who played Special Agent Gibbs on the show since its beginning in 2003, left the show. But that hasn’t stopped the ratings giant from once again dominating the ratings this year.

Following the exit of Mark Harmon and Agent Bishop Emily Wickersham, two new people joined the cast this year. Katrina Law joined as Special Agent Jessica Knight and Gary Cole joined as Special Agent Alden Parker. Fans have actually liked Gary Cole for the most part despite the fact that his character replaced Gibbs. Those are massive shoes to fill, but it seems like fans are taking to the new character.

Brian Dietzen is now one of the few remaining actors on the cast whose been on the series since its early years. He and Tim McGee actor Sean Murray are the two familiar faces who are a part of the regular cast. Everyone else has since left the show.

But actor David McCallum still makes the occasional appearances, and he and Brian Dietzen have really bonded over the years. But the way they did so is quite surprising.

‘NCIS’ Actors Brian Dietzen and David McCallum Bonded Over an Autopsy

Jimmy Palmer and Ducky work together a lot, so it makes sense that Brian Dietzen is close with actor David McCallum, who he’s worked with closely over the years. The two initially bonded over a real autopsy. McCallum was very invested in researching his character’s career.

“I remember [Brian] coming in that first day, and I remember David talking to Brian a little bit,” Mark Harmon said in an interview. But then McCallum had an odd proposal.

“And I remember David at the end of whatever it was the first day, saying to Brian, ‘Hey, you wanna come with me to do an autopsy?”

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, David’s inviting him to an autopsy. This is like a test, number one. But he wouldn’t invite him if he didn’t like him, and didn’t find something in him,” Harmon said.

And fans are very grateful that Dietzen is still with the show. If you want to see where NCIS goes next, you can tune in when it returns on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.