‘NCIS’ Can’t Get Enough of the ‘Star Trek’ References in Recent Episodes

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans delighted in knowing that their favorite agents were fellow Trekkies.

Those details got revealed in Monday’s episode of NCIS, the one called All Hands. Sure, the hour was about a group of mercenaries, who wanted to steal a $40 million Navy helicopter. But if you watched the episode, you know it had a Star Trek theme, literally, from the original series on up to some of the spinoffs. It all kicked off with the name of the boat (the Stargazer)

The NCIS social media team dropped a clip Wednesday on its Instagram page to remind fans of at least one of the Star Trek-themed scenes, the one that revealed Vance preferred Deep Space Nine.

The caption accompanying the clip: “Resistance is futile.” And then it gave information on how to stream Monday’s episode. If you missed it, All Hands certainly was clever and very, very tense.

NCIS Clip Includes Borg and Deep Space Nine References

So let’s talk the NCIS clip. Vance (Rocky Carroll) and McGee (Sean Murray) are talking about a case in the elevator. “Sorry the answer is no. Last thing we need to trigger is an IG investigation,” Vance tells McGee. “Anything off the books is off the table. “

Then Vance pauses and tells McGee: “However, there might be another option, one that involves a favor from the NCIS cyber team. “

McGee asks: “the tech trolls?” Vance looks at him funny for using the Troll word. “Well, I’m a charter member, I’m allowed to call them that.”

Vance tells McGee that the NCIS cyber team just finished a joint operation with the NSA. He says maybe they’d made some contacts who can offer some information on who the alleged Navy SEALs are on the research vessel with Parker and the gang.

“You up for a trip to the sub basement,” Vance asks McGee.

“Of course. The tech trolls and I are practically our own Borg collective. Sorry, that’s an old Star Trek reference.”

Then Vance surprises McGee. “I was always partial to DS9.”

“Are you a Trekker?” says a stunned McGee?

So How Much of a Trekkie Is Vance? Is He Like Parker?

The “resistance is futile” reference in the NCIS Instagram post is just so much Borg talk.

One fan replied: “But still I need to know if director Vance is a Trekker.” (He is and appeared to be quite proud of it).

The official Star Trek account on Paramount+ joined the conversation. “We wouldn’t resist joining that collective.”

Still another wrote: “this episode made my little Trekker heart happy lol.” (Us, too).

As the episode unfolded, fans learn that Alden Parker (Gary Cole) is an old-school Star Trek fan. Like a “May you live long and prosper” kind of guy, probably someone who geeked out when Bones said “I’m a doctor, not a …”

Spoiler alert, if you watched the episode, you know that Parker was a stowaway on the fancy helicopter so he could help bust the thieves. When the copter landed, Parker crawled into the Humvee and flipped the radio on the International Distress Frequency. He secretly identified himself by playing the theme from Star Trek. And it worked.