‘NCIS’ Cast Poses with Their ‘Newest’ Agent in Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Photo

by Kati Michelle

The “NCIS” franchise has seen a handful of faces come and go since its conception. But what else do you expect from a procedural that’s run the course of nearly twenty seasons over nearly twenty years? Despite some minute conflict throughout that time, the franchise expanded to include spin-offs in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Hawai’i. One of those is sadly no longer with us (RIP), but the remaining branches continue to kill it with their Monday night ratings. Each boasts its own personality, but the long-running OG series might have a slight upper hand with dedicated fans who have been there from the very start.

Ultimately, it just boils down to preferences. You say PUH-TAY-TO, I say PO-TA-TO. You say TOE-MAY-TO, I say TOE-MOTTO. It’s just one of those things. At the end of the day, though, I think we can all put our differences aside to welcome a very special agent that the “NCIS” cast just presented in a hilarious behind-the-scenes photo from their set.

The ‘NCIS’ Cast Shows Off Some Team Bonding

Katrina Law joined the “NCIS” franchise as former NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight. They introduced her character shortly after Emily Wickersham’s departure as Eleanor Bishop. You can thank her for the new behind-the-scenes snap.

Behold, Special Agent Steigler.

The caption gives us an inside look at how the teddy bear– I mean Special Agent– fits into the hierarchy of the “NCIS” squad.

“Meet the newest team member to @ncis_cbs, Special Agent Steigler.

@wilmervalderrama @therealseanhmurray
Assistant to Agent Steigler: @mikemac.88
Support team: @dionareasonover @briankdietzen @elle.grace.official”

Though the name bears (no pun intended) a resemblance to the Hans Staiger character from Season 5, this was probably just a coincidence. The German national previously caused problems for the “NCIS” crew as an Al-Qaeda agent known as “The Recruiter.”

What Are the Real Requirements to Become an Agent?

After seeing the new recruit, you might be asking yourself what it actually takes to become a Naval Criminal Investigative Service Agent in real life. A heartbeat is a pretty good place to start.

The other requirements might be more surprising. Did you know neither a military background nor enlistment is required? Instead, here are the basic things they look for.

  • A valid driver’s license
  • US citizenship
  • An accredited baccalaureate degree
  • Background check
  • The ability to attain and uphold a Top Secret security clearance
  • Vision that is correctable to 20/20
  • Normal color vision

Of course, fans know that Mark Harmon’s Gibbs character kept his own “NCIS” rule book. In case you forgot, there were bits of wisdom like rule #1.2 “Never screw over your partner” and rule #3.1 “Don’t believe what you’re told. Double-check.”