‘NCIS’ Continues to Honor Gibbs’ Legacy in Recent Episode

by Maria Hartfield
Credit: Mark Davis / Staff/Getty Images

Anxious NCIS fans will just have to wait for the return of Gibbs played by Mark Harmon. Viewers of the CBS drama said goodbye to the character at the beginning of Season 19 in Alaska.

Agents find the body of a Navy reservist in the back of a beat-up old car at a gun range. The team worked in tandem to solve the case proving the show may not need Gibbs back just yet. FBI Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) steps into his role as Gibb’s replacement. Furthermore, the team is finally starting to warm up to him.

“I’ve done a lot of dropping into shows, [usually] as a recurring character. Part of my job description is to get comfortable, whatever that takes. I’m not trying to be [Gibbs]. The writers made that distinction,” said Cole in regards to his new role.

In the “Peacemaker” episode, it’s the many mentions of Gibbs that go to show the series may not need to resurrect the role too quickly. Warning, the content below contains spoilers for the November 29 episode called “Peacemaker”.

‘NCIS’ Episode 8 Recap

On NCIS Season 19 Episode 8, the team worked together on the case of Navy reservist, Victor Bateson. They quickly determined Bateson was killed before his body was dumped in a beat-up car to cover it up. The investigation leads Parker and Knight to Victor’s ex-wife Lexi Davis. Once on location, the two are surprised to find Kasie Hines as she is trying to buy a firearm.

Knight struggled with whether to help Kasie in her pursuit of purchasing a firearm or not. After showing her the ropes at the gun range, Kasie ultimately decides not to purchase a gun.

The team uncovers a tradeshow which leads them to a break in the case. Finally, Hines ends up finding the killer bullet which came from an old gun. The gun was an old Walther PPK Peacekeeper, a classic James Bond pistol. It was sold just before Victor’s murder to a bar owner named Harry Day, who ended up being the killer.

Gibbs’ Legacy Lives On

Gibbs may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten. NCIS continues to honor Gibbs through many references on the show. Specifically the fact that Mark Harmon is still noted in the opening credits.

The series continues to boast high ratings making it one of the biggest crime dramas on television. This coupled with Parker finally making headway as the new special agent in charge means bringing Gibbs back could do more harm than good.

The series has seen a huge bounceback after two decades on the air. Critics argue that bringing back Gibbs prematurely may alter the show’s current reputation.

Fans still hope for Gibb’s return, but it may have to wait until he gets to enjoy his off-screen retirement a little longer.

Tune in to the NCIS fall finale on December 6, 9pm ET on CBS. After that, the show won’t return until January 3.