‘NCIS’: Do Lab Techs Get Badges in Real Life?

by Joe Rutland

Watching NCIS a lot will let you see lab technicians like Abby Sciuto with badges. So, the question becomes, does this happen in real life?

This question is up and running right now on Reddit. On there, the thread is titled “Do lab techs and other people in NCIS get badges?”

Redditor Maestro_Da_Vinci kicks off the comments. “Over the course of the years, I have watched pretty much every NCIS show that has come out since even before that with JAG,” the poster writes. “However, when it comes to badges and official credentials I’m a bit confused. Do lab techs like KC or Abby get a badge or any official credentials? And if so are they official enough to warrant an official legitimate access to crime scenes like for example when an Agent has to show his badge to enter one?”

MonkGlonk provides an answer for NCIS. “Credentials – yes, Badge – maybe.

“So, ‘Operational Representative’ credentials are issued to civilian personnel who are not Special Agents but who need to be out in the field interacting with other law enforcement officers,” the Redditor writes. “Their creds pretty much just say that they are ‘authorized to conduct official business for NCIS’.”

‘NCIS’ Fan Says Abby Seemed To ‘Sometimes’ Have Badge With Her

The poster adds that OpReps do not always get badges but sometimes they are. It just depends on the situation and the person’s assignment. MonkGlonk also writes that for NCIS, pretty much the only non-Special Agent to get OpReps credentials would be Palmer, played by Brian Dietzen.

JayMonster65 writes, “On the show, Abby (played by Pauley Perrette) seemed to ‘sometimes’ have them.” The writer points out that she didn’t have them when Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) was blown up. She only had an ID card. So, when she shows up at the scene when agent Patterson was murdered, (someone came) to Gibbs to say “a woman says she works with you.”

Redditor Sensitive_Suspect_69 says, “NCIS staff have id cards, if not badges.”

ChrisF1987 replies, “Some NCIS civilian employees and Navy or Marine Corps personnel assigned to NCIS have silver badges.” The Redditor writes that only GS1811 special agents have gold badges. He said there are a small number of active-duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel assigned to NCIS to assist in counter-intelligence, surveillance, and force protection missions.

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