‘NCIS’: Ducky Mallard Returns on Mission to Help Gibbs

by Lauren Boisvert

Ducky is back in a big way for an all-new NCIS. But he’s not coming back to the morgue; he’s worried about his old friend.

In the new clip, Ducky pays Gibbs a visit at home while he’s packing to leave for Alaska. He and McGee are going to The Last Frontier to look into the Sonova company. The company allegedly paid Paul Lemere to kill, and they’re on their way to crack the case wide open.

But first, Gibbs has to endure a visit from his old friend. Ducky comes right out and says it: “I worry about you.” He goes on, saying, “You’ve had to endure a great deal in the last six months.” To date from season 18, Gibbs has lost two team members, been arrested and suspended, and had his life threatened by a bomb on his boat. I’d say that’s a “great deal.”

“Milestone events such as these,” Ducky says, “they stack up on each other.” Ducky is worried all these things that have happened in Gibbs’ life are going to build up tension and eventually snap. “It happens to anyone. Even you,” Ducky tells Gibbs.

Gibbs is notoriously stoic and doesn’t let things get to him, potentially putting him in dangerous or stressful situations. It can’t be good for his mental state, that’s for sure.

But Ducky wants to hear that there’s nothing to worry about, even going so far as to make Gibbs say it. But Ducky goes one and mutters, “Wish I believed you.”

Gibbs delivers a bombshell at the end of the clip by saying, “I wish I believed me, too.”

How’s that for character development? Could we see Gibbs actually asking for help this upcoming episode? Could something drastic potentially happen to Gibbs? Is he going to have a complete mental breakdown? Doesn’t seem like it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Fans are Grateful for ‘NCIS’

Recently, fans took it upon themselves to write on Reddit about how the show has impacted them as viewers, and how it compares to other TV shows in the genre.

“I realized that what NCIS does best is it creates an emotional connection to you and the characters, they don’t just dump a lot of backstory on you a few episodes before it becomes relevant,” said one commenter. “They just drop little things you didn’t know about every character. It’s like getting to know someone in real life, it takes time but eventually, you know each other as people more and more.”

That’s what we in the business call “good writing.”

Another commenter wrote, “I feel like no other show especially a crime drama has been able to make those kinds of emotional connections unless it’s something inherently sad.”

Cheers to NCIS for making us deeply care about fictional characters for nearly 20 years. The new episode of NCIS airs tonight, Monday Oct. 11 on CBS.