‘NCIS’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Catch Detail Giving Them Hope for Potential Mark Harmon Return

by Megan Molseed

As the most recent season of the hit CBS investigative series NCIS premiered this fall, fans knew that the NCIS team’s days with Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs were numbered.

While the writing was on the wall for quite some time that Mark Harmon would be leaving the popular series, it didn’t make the goodbye any easier when the day finally arrived. Early into this latest season of NCIS, the longtime leader officially sailed away, planning to retire in Alaska.

But, note some eagle-eyed NCIS viewers, there is a very good chance that Gibbs will soon be making another appearance on the popular series.

Recently, one NCIS fan observed on Reddit, pointing out that one minor detail in the newest NCIS episodes could very well point to Harmon’s impending return.

What is this detail? The fact that Harmon’s character has continued to be featured in the opening credits of the popular CBS series.

“Every single actor who left was taken out immediately,” the Redditor notes of the NCIS opening credit.

“Does this signal a potential return,” the Reddit user asks. “or his story isn’t done?”

Is Harmon’s Behind-The-Scenes Role Keeping Him In the Credits?

Now, this is certainly a valid point when looking for clues as to whether or not Gibbs’s absence from the NCIS team is permanent, or if he will continue to play a major role on screen.

However, one Redditor responds to the original post by noting that Harmon’s inclusion in the NCIS opening credits likely has something to do with the other role the actor plays on the hit series.

“Probably has more to do with Mark Harmon being an executive producer,” the Redditor responds. “and less to do with him coming back in future episodes.”

“Executive producer and likely to pop in from time to time,” another Redditor notes.

‘NCIS’ Star May Be Slated For A Few More Episodes This Season

Other Redditor’s notes that while we did see the NCIS team say farewell to Gibbs early in the nineteenth season, there are likely still a few more episodes in which fans can expect him to return.

“Mark will only be in 6 episodes for season 19,” one commenter says. “There’s still 2 left.”

“Well because he is not done,” another Redditor explains.

“Just because some headlines said Farewell to Gibbs….they meant for now,” the commenter continues. “Officially there is still some eps he’s supposed to be in.”

And, notes another Redditor, this explains why the NCIS opening credits continue to feature Harmon. After all, there are other part-time NCIS players we see in this same sequence.

“I mean… Ducky’s still in the credits,” one Redditor says. “and we’re lucky if we see him twice a season.”