‘NCIS’: Could Ellie Bishop’s Exit Have Set the Stage for a Spin-Off Series?

by Shelby Scott

CBS‘s hit series “NCIS” has seen an onslaught of transitions and departures over the last several months. Most recently came the heartbreaking, final departure of Mark Harmon’s iconic 19-season constant, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. This week saw the first official episode without the “NCIS” mainstay. As such, fans have slowly begun to adjust to the show’s new faces.

However, prior to Gibbs’ exit came the sudden departure of another fan-favorite, Ellie Bishop. The character, previously played by actress Emily Wickersham, currently expects the birth of her baby boy. Meanwhile, fans have begun to wonder whether her exit from “NCIS” signifies another new potential spin-off for the “NCIS” franchise.

As always, Redditors came to our aid in discussing the potential spin-off. However, it appears many “NCIS” fans remain doubtful about another new addition to the franchise. Several have pointed out the addition of the franchise’s brand new rookie series, “NCIS: Hawai’i.”

Reddit Doubts Potential Franchise Spin-Off

One participant to the discussion wrote, “IRL she is having a baby – so I am guessing she is going to spend some time with her family.” Realistic.

Additionally, they reminded readers that Wickersham’s Bishop was recruited for a deep undercover mission for an unnamed agency. They pointed out that “NCIS” did not mention which agency she went to work for. Further, it was important she took her leave from the naval agency as a “‘disgraced’ NCIS agent.”

Others believed her character, while consistent for multiple seasons, was not a strong enough character to carry a new spin-off. Characters like McGee have become an integral part of “NCIS.” On the other hand, Bishop’s ties to the essence of the show are not nearly as strong as others.

And while the discussion ensued, others pointed to the rapidly approaching end of the series. Check out the rest of the thread for the full perspective.

‘NCIS’ Alum Mark Harmon Adjusts to Retirement

As the later parts of the Reddit discussion pointed out, “NCIS” seems to leave the door open for many of our fan-favorite characters, Ellie Bishop being one. However, as we well know, despite Mark Harmon’s exit from “NCIS,” producers left the door wide open for the character’s eventual return.

Now, barely a week following his character’s final appearance on “NCIS,” Mark Harmon was spotted participating in uniquely bland civilian life activities, i.e., walking his dog and lifting, presumably, furniture.

The images cement the permanence of Harmon’s leave from “NCIS” as the 70-year-old actor adjusts to retirement. Compared to the on-screen excitement the actor experienced regularly on the set of “NCIS,” his actions appear monotonous. Although, from the actor’s perspective, perhaps normalcy is exciting for someone who’s spent so much of his career amid the intensity that made the show so successful.

Regardless, we wish Mark Harmon all the best in his new lifestyle, although we still mourn his absence over on “NCIS.”