‘NCIS’: Emily Wickersham Gets Artsy in Her Latest Update

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying some much-needed downtime on Saturday (November 6th), NCIS alum Emily Wickersham took to her Instagram to share a snapshot of the city that never sleeps – New York City. 

“…that never sleeps,” the former NCIS captioned the post, which features a snapshot of her current view in New York City. 

The latest post comes just days after the NCIS alum took to her Instagram to share a snapshot of her going “fishin’.” She was seen bundled up in a coat, cap, and sweater while standing outside of a building.

Emily Wickersham Reflects on Being Casted in ‘NCIS’ 

During an interview with CBS Watch Magazine, Emily Wickersham opened up about her reaction to getting the role for NCIS. “I was shocked! By no means was I expecting to get the job,” Wickersham admits. She also said she had learned to not get her hopes up in the acting business. 

“You can feel like you’ve done such a great job. And the powers that be will say, ‘Nah.’ Luckily this one clicked,” the NCIS alum shared. She then discussed how she learned how to use a firearm while on the hit series. 

“I had never held a gun in my life, but my character becomes an agent. So I had to know how to shoot,” Wickersham further explained. She had worked with the tech advisor and she felt like the guy was going to turn around and shoot her, even though she was pointing it away from her. “So I had that training. And I went up to Camp Pendleton and met with real NCIS agents, which was pretty cool.”

Emily Wickersham Reveals the Advice Fellow ‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Gave Her

Wickersham played Ellie Bishop on NCIS from 2013 to 2021. She revealed the advice that fellow NCIS alum, Mark Harmon shared with her. “When I first started, I said, ‘Wow, this is a lot of work and we’re here a lot.’ And Mark Harmon was like, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint.’ And it is.”

In regards to paying much attention to the NCIS critics, Wickersham says she doesn’t read some of the stuff online. But she’s noticed that people have embraced her character in a much more positive way than she expected. “People were very attached to Ziva [played by Cote de Pablo]! I wasn’t replacing her, but it was scary to come into that. People are crazy about the show. [We] have such wonderful fans.”

Wickersham went on to add that NCIS was her first big TV job and really being on the show as a main character. She was obviously pretty nervous when she first hit the set. “Coming onto a show where this tight-knit cast has worked together for 10, 11 years was intimidating. Nerve-wracking!”