‘NCIS’ Fans in Agreement About an ‘Unpopular Opinion’ About One Surprising Character

by Michael Freeman

Every television show on the planet has characters fans dislike, even ones you might consider universally loved. That’s exactly the case with a certain NCIS mainstay, as show enthusiasts discuss their “unpopular opinion” on an incredibly popular character.

Mark Harmon played Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS and was a series staple until recently. A post in the show’s subreddit about the iconic character is picking up steam due to the poster not liking Gibbs. In a post titled “Unpopular opinion: I’m not a Gibbs fan,” people are discussing their thoughts about Gibbs in remarkable detail.

The original poster begins by giving their reasons for disliking Harmon’s character. “He spends so much time trying to protect his feelings and be a tough guy that he lets his team down. He’s emotionally abusive. The team is desperate for his approval, he knows it and rarely gives it.” Continuing, they say it’s good he left, and at most, he should appear again occasionally.

Sufficed to say, opinions are split in the comment section. Some fans note liking Gibbs, but agree it’s good he left. Others welcome Gary Cole and plead with others to give him a chance. “Spot on!” someone else wrote. “From what we’ve seen on Gary Cole / Alden Parker, he’s someone I’d actually like to work for (if I was a NCIS Special Agent). But Gibbs… not in a million years.”

Conversely, Gibbs defenders cite the fact he’s an old-school Marine and that’s how they operate. One user wrote an extensive response about Gibbs’ backstory. Losing his mom at 12 years of age, having a distant father, and losing his own family hardened the man, making it difficult to express himself.

Nevertheless, like him or loathe him, the head slaps are gone. For now, anyway.

‘NCIS’ Viewers Aren’t Convinced Gibbs is Gone for Good

On the subject of Mark Harmon leaving NCIS, many fans are convinced his departure is temporary. Using a clue from the show and a showrunner’s comments, they’re certain Gibbs will return.

Hello Magazine discussed a clue fans keep referring to being the show’s opening credits. With Mark Harmon no longer appearing, you’d think he wouldn’t appear in the credits, right? A quick look at newer episodes reveals Gibbs still shows up which is strange if he’s gone for good. At least, that’s what some people think.

Additionally, an NCIS showrunner outright said it’s possible for him to return. Steve Binder released a statement about the matter shortly after Harmon’s exit. “So regarding the future of Gibbs, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years… never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out.”

Time will tell how long Gibbs chooses to remain in Alaska, though I also suspect he’ll be back sooner than you might think.