‘NCIS’ Fans Are Furious Over Lack of New Episodes This Week

by Lauren Boisvert

With no new NCIS or NCIS: Hawaii episode this week, fans took to social media to air their grievances. They were not too happy, with reactions ranging from mild annoyance to outrage.

“It looks like #TheNCISs are repeats next week #NCIS #NCISHawaii,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “WAIT NO NEW NCIS HAWAI’I TONIGHT?” wrote another.

NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii aired repeats on Monday night, instead of new episodes. NCIS aired a season 18 episode, “1mm,” while Hawaii, with limited episodes to choose from, aired its second episode, titled “Boom.”

“1mm” followed Bishop and Torres as they got caught in a gunfight in a historical site. “Boom” featured a band of international thieves using armored trucks and WWII explosives to wreak havoc. The Hawaii team had to stop them before they disappeared after their last big job.

The speculated reason for the reruns was to boost ratings, and to save the new episodes for the November sweeps. It makes sense, with NCIS taking a break, that Hawaii would take a break as well, as they air one right after the other. NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii both return with new episodes on Monday, Nov. 1.

‘NCIS’: Mark Harmon’s Legacy as Gibbs

Former NCIS stars shared their thoughts on Mark Harmon and his work ethic on social media previously, after having worked with him for years. Michael Weatherly, who previously played Tony DiNozzo, shared his thoughts in 2009; “[Harmon is] a very rare person in this business because there’s no assistant, no entourage. Mark is largely just a very straightforward, approachable, calm, assertive guy. He’s not a people pleaser.”

Their similarities probably aided Harmon when he stepped into the role of Gibbs. Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva, also shared her thoughts on Harmon. “We were always trying to infuse [scenes] with different things. Mark has been [on ‘NCIS’] for years, and he’s still bringing it.” Honestly, he brought it until the very end.

As for who took Gibbs’ place, fans were hoping it would be McGee; he turned the job down though, choosing to focus on his family instead. Former FBI agent Alden Parker looks to have taken the position at the head of the team now. Fans are slowly getting used to him, because no one can replace Gibbs, not on our screens, and not in our hearts.

No one can replicate that stoic, no-nonsense, but still warm and paternal air that Gibbs had. He treated his team like a family, in his own way. He was distant at times, but that was under the guise of protecting them, especially after Kate died. But, Alden Parker is starting to win some fans over. We’ll just have to wait and see if McGee changes his mind about the job later or if Parker is here to stay.