‘NCIS’ Fans Aren’t a Fan of One of Ducky’s Love Interests

by Madison Miller
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS” fans wished that one of Ducky’s love interests on the show would have just waddled her way out of the picture.

The popular procedural drama doesn’t get too intimate with its characters, but there’s always room for romance and relationships. It’s what the people want, after all. Except if we’re talking about one of Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s lovers. Then, well, that’s not what the people wanted at all.

Ducky is a fan-favorite character on the show. He is heartwarmingly charming and hilarious and offers a sense of consistency “NCIS” fans crave.

Ducky’s Not-So-Great Romance on ‘NCIS’

During the episode titled “Thirst” from season nine, we see Ducky get paired with a new potential lover. The rest of the “NCIS” team is trying to track down and stop a serial killer. Meanwhile, Ducky enters into a relationship with a woman he met online named Dr. Mary Courtney (played by Cheryl Ladd).

Just as Ducky may have finally found someone to spend his life with, it all comes crashing down epically right in front of him.

Ducky and Mary go out to dinner together one day. During the meal, Ducky is explaining what happened that day at work. He begins to talk about the serial killer case and calls the murderer a number of (valid) insults.

Suddenly, Mary becomes furious and throws a glass of wine in his face. Not long after that, we learn that she is in fact the serial killer the team was trying to track down. To this day, it’s one of the most outlandish episodes of “NCIS.” It’s also one of the lowest-rated episodes as well with a 7.5 on IMDb.

For fans of the series, the scenario just didn’t make sense. Viewers know Ducky as the incredibly intelligent man down in the morgue and it seems unlikely he would get manipulated to this level without knowing.

Unfortunately, Ducky is no stranger to some less-than-stellar romantic moments in life. For example, during season 12 we got a little backstory about young Ducky. Viewers find out that he gets involved in a love triangle with two other close friends. Ducky ends up heartbroken and moves to America. Those two friends end up getting married.

Here’s to hoping Ducky gets love soon, not with a serial killer this time. The show can’t take the bad ratings, especially after Mark Harmon’s exit from the program.

Beloved and Rejected Pairings on ‘NCIS’

Over the nearly two decades the series has been around, writers have successfully and not-so-successfully paired different characters together.

For example, Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) was a fan-favorite character that departed at the end of season 18.

When she first joined the “NCIS” team, Jake was mentioned a lot. The two had met and gotten married when they worked for the same organization in the past. The two had a rocky relationship, especially when she started working for “NCIS.”

When viewers found out he cheated on his wife, it was truly game over for him. Her next boyfriend was killed, which is obviously not great. Fans did love Ellie and Nick together a lot. They had a slow burn from colleagues to something more.

The duo finally kissed right as Ellie left the show.