‘NCIS’ Fans Believe These Former Stars Are Closer to Returning than Ever

by Madison Miller
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Are we on the cusp of a massive “NCIS” reunion? Well, fans are hoping so, at least.

In 2016, Micheal Weatherly left his very popular role as Tony DiNozzo after being around for 13 seasons. During the last five or so years, fans have been eagerly holding onto the chance that he might return to the program at some point.

Viewers think now might be the time. He recently announced that he would be leaving his own popular CBS show “Bull” at the end of season 6. He cited plans to take his career in a new creative direction. Does new mean going back to the old?

Fans are hoping so. They’re also hoping that he will reunite with his on-screen romantic partner, Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David.

Social Media Response from Fans

He could be planning to appear in a different TV series with completely different themes. Also, Weatherly could be thinking about expanding into a film career instead. While some are sad that “Bull” is ending, others are thrilled at the possibilities ahead.

“My heart just skipped a couple of beats @M_Weatherly. So sad to see #Bull end, love seeing you on TV, But so incredibly excited to think just maybe a new Team leader, might be moving back to WASHINGTON! Woop Woop Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo come on down #NCIS #tonyzivatully,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

One fan is especially holding out for their favorite romantic duo to appear on the show. “#MichaelWeatherly leaving @BullCBS could we be getting a chance for that #Tiva reunion,” they wrote.

Some think that Mark Harmon leaving the show and Weatherly’s gig on “Bull” ending around the same time is no coincidence. “There is no way in hell that harmon just left ncis and now weatherly coincidentally just left bull. no way. he’s gotta be coming back. if i get dinozzo back i am so sorry for the person i become,” wrote another person.

His return comes with a lot of question marks, however. Although Cote de Pablo returned for a few episodes, she made it seem like it was unsafe for them to be together. Weatherly has also kept close to the cast of “NCIS,” but there’s only a few original stars left at this point anyways. Also, he had some controversy over the years that could mean he’s ready to step away from TV for a bit.

Meanwhile, fans have also not stopped hoping that Mark Harmon would also return to “NCIS.” He announced before the start of the season that he would have a limited appearance, but you can’t keep people form hoping.

Does that mean, even in a slim, slim chance, that Weatherly and Harmon could reunite at some point?