‘NCIS’ Fans Can’t Decide If This Character Classifies as an ‘Original’ Cast Member

by Jonathan Howard

Season 19 of NCIS keeps moving along and remains CBS’ most-watched show. However, that doesn’t mean that fans will always agree on things.

For some, the show just isn’t as exciting anymore. When a show is on for 20 years, it is likely going to have fans that come and go. Some like these seasons more. Others like those. One fan on Reddit decided to post about how the show just isn’t the same.

On the NCIS subreddit, u/MostDownVotesPlz said, “As I sit here watching the last few episodes, this show is pretty much dead. Only one original cast member left.” However, their post started an entirely different conversation. Is Timothy McGee an “original” cast member?

When someone pointed out that Ducky is still on the show from time to time, they said there were “2” original cast members left. Then, the debate started.

U/Icculus33_33 replied and asked, “Is McGee an original cast member, though? He was technically a guest in 8 episodes (I think it’s 8) in Season 1 and wasn’t added to the title card until Season 2.”

The OP of the post said, “Yes. He started in Season 1, added in 2. To me he is original.”

That’s when things started to just get out of control. Apparently, there are NCIS fans who do not view McGee as original at all. And, they’re willing to argue about it, too. However, one fan was able to find a silver lining in the argument.

“It’s a miracle there’s even anyone left after almost 20 years,” u/MikeSopes replied. And ironically, that one remaining original cast member is the oldest one of all. But hey, shows change and get new blood. I think they’re still doing pretty well.” Clearly, they are in the “Ducky is the last original cast member” group.

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Introduces Amanda Schull as ‘Kay’

If you tuned into the newest episode of NCIS last night, you saw a great episode. This was like all the good things that made classic episodes so good. We have a solid Naval crime story here and a twist that was a little obvious but made sense.

Amanda Schull played Kay. Kay is engaged to Rafi Nazar. The team is investigating Nazar for potentially selling defense secrets. If so, he would be a traitor. All the signs point to Nazar. Each step of the way, it seems that it must have been him.

However, after he gets shot in the street from a car, the team realizes something else is going on. As they continue to dig, they find old posts from a social media account owned by Kay. The account had extremist messages and content posted all over. Kay had used her husband’s sleeping face to get into classified information. However, NCIS got the job done.