‘NCIS’ Fans ‘Can’t Stand’ This Surprising Character

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” has seen a lot of change within the last season or two. However, it has also seen much change over the course of its now 19 seasons on the air. And while “NCIS” fans continue to adjust to the show’s newest team lead, Agent Alden Parker, one sect of “NCIS” fans have actually aired their grievances about an earlier cast member. Interestingly, the character has filled a major role on the show for multiple seasons. However, many say they “can’t stand” him.

Interestingly, despite the character’s crucial role on the show, it appears many “NCIS” fans cannot stand Special Agent Nick Torres. Torres previously filled the open vacancy left by Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo actor, Michael Weatherly in season 13. The Torres character joined “NCIS” during season 14.

Now, as we adjust to the latest changes, fans head to Reddit to air their grievances with the “NCIS” character.

Overall, one fan finds Torres bland, especially following in the shoes of character Tony DiNozzo. Known for his (frequently unbearable) love of movies and jock-like attitude, Torres apparently comes off as dispassionate and uninteresting.

One fan wrote, “Does Torres annoy the sh*t out of people with his ‘better than you’ attitude sometimes?” They continued, “[Torres] hates movies. He hates video games. He hates technology. [The character] hates people a lot of the time. Holy sh*t, what the hell does he do when he clocks out, go home and stare at the ceiling?”

The individual acknowledged showrunners‘ efforts to create Torres as a kind of foil for Tony. Although, it appears his social habits have not been received as positively as Tony’s sarcastic and often boyish humor was.

Reddit Empathizes with NCIS Agent Torres

Our original poster in the aforementioned Reddit thread showed no mercy in their distaste for Torres. In response, their claims received mixed reactions, though many commenters did pick up on the character’s bitterness and “bratty” behavior.

“You’re not alone! Torres is my least favorite character in the show currently,” responded one follower to the post. “He’s trying so hard to be a macho man and if he doesn’t like or understand something, he’ll just act like a bratty teenager.”

Another fan softened their dislike a little bit when they wrote, “Torres is always guarded, due to his background as undercover NCIS,” however, “I have noticed that [the] last few episodes, he has been off his game, maybe grieving bishop or Gibbs.”

The claim makes sense. Although, the commenter did state they just wish writers would move past this challenge as its really frustrating fans.

Meanwhile, another individual delved into the “NCIS” character’s inner workings. They said, “The character strikes me as a tightly controlled character who rarely lets anyone close to him to see the real person.” The individual also pointed to the potential that Torres might still be grieving Bishop and that change is incredibly hard for some people.

Nevertheless, whatever is going on with Torres, we hope he gets his act together before the majority of “NCIS” fans dismiss him entirely.