‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Their Favorite ‘Dream Team’

by Shelby Scott

Over 19 seasons, “NCIS” has seen many team members come and go. That said, each new character has forced Outsiders to reconsider their perspectives as to which members share the best group dynamics. As “NCIS” has returned from its midseason hiatus, fans have taken to Reddit to debate their favorite “dream team.”

To kick off the debate, msilk03, shared on Reddit, “What’s y’all’s favorite set of team throughout all of the seasons?” They then provided examples, a few of which included:

  • Gibbs/Kate/DiNozzo/Ducky/Gerald/Morrow
  • Gibbs/Ziva/DiNozzo/McGee/Ducky/Palmer/Abby/Director Shepard
  • Gibbs/Bishop/Torres/McGee/Vance/Palmer/Kasie

From there, the discussion touched not only on fans’ favorite characters. They also highlighted why they’d become fan-favorites. Others highlighted which characters from old and new seasons they’d like to see paired off, and more.

The Great ‘NCIS’ Debate

One “NCIS” fan wrote, “I like the original team, although I’d trade Gerald for Palmer,” the original the first bullet above.

Most consistently, the favored dream team included Gibbs, Ziva, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Palmer, Abby, and Vance. At the same time, “NCIS” fans also brought up other interesting points about characters and their dynamics.

As to former “NCIS” director Jenny Shephard, another popular pick, one Reddit user had their issues with the character. “Shepard started to get aggravating with her obsession with ‘The frog,’ [which] made her character get annoying.”

Another fan drew attention to a recurring character nearly forgotten: “Love the relationship between Jethro Gibbs and Tobias Fornell!” they stated. “Fornell was only around periodically, but he’s actually one of my favorites and I don’t think it would be the same without him either!”

Fornell is actually a member of the FBI on “NCIS,” appearing frequently earlier this season. Prior to Mark Harmon’s departure, he contributed a lot to past cases. That’s not to mention the relationship and depth his character previously created with Gibbs. No doubt, he’s a good one.

Monday Night Episode Airs Heartwarming Gibbs Reference

As far as the ultimate “NCIS” dream team goes, we could go on and on. There have just been so many dynamic characters throughout the series’ history that it’s nearly impossible to nail only one good team among them.

Nevertheless, I think many Outsiders will agree that “NCIS” will never be the same without Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and it appears showrunners, indirectly, feel the same way.

Monday night’s return episode saw our team dealing with a high-stakes case as they worked to recover stolen software responsible for controlling combat and surveillance drones. As the “NCIS” team navigates the investigation, both McGee and Palmer reveal they received an anonymous $10,000 deposit to their bank accounts. The mystery funds persist throughout until Director Vance reveals where the money came from.

Good ol’ Gibbs. While Gibbs was never really the sentimental type when it came to his team, he nevertheless took on a fatherly role in some capacity. In addition, Outsiders became overwhelmingly familiar with the stone-faced agent’s compassion for children.

That said, viewers learn that, following the death of Gibbs‘ only child Kelly, the “NCIS” agent began a scholarship fund in her memory. Now, as our two remaining original cast members have kids of their own, it appears the fan-favorite character is still tending to the needs of “NCIS’s” children.

Even thousands of miles away in Alaska, Gibbs is still looking out for his team.