‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Who Has the Healthiest Friendship on the Show

by Liz Holland

One of the reasons ‘NCIS’ has remained a cult favorite for so many years is certainly due to the character relationships on the show. Airing for the first time in 2003 and continuing to make new episodes, its unavoidable to lose some fans during that lifespan. However, the shows’ overall long-term success, and the carefully crafted and evolving character relationships share an indisputable link.

What Keeps NCIS Fans Coming Back

Many TV fans take to social media to discuss their favorite characters, and become invested in the storyline of these fake personalities’ lives. Parasocial relationships are not uncommon, and it plays a huge role in fan loyalty. 

The official ‘NCIS’ Twitter account seems to understand this too. The account regularly tweets about the show, and fans share their thoughts in the replies. Just a few days ago, the ‘NCIS’ account tweeted about an emerging friendship on the show. The tweet includes a gif of the two characters and the caption “This friendship” paired with some cutesy emojis. 

Fans shared their thought on the pair in the replies. One fan said, “I love the bonding the between Jessica Knight @katrinalaw and Kasie @DionaReasonover! #NCIS

It’s also clear the deep attachment many fans feel to the show and its characters. User ‘@sharon_RDG’’ writes, “I’m doing good with the show still miss Ellie because she was always my favorite. I’m also not going to give up on the show because Gibbs isn’t in it. This was his baby I understand he wanted to retire. I won’t let him down.”

Portraying Leroy Jethro Gibbs from the start of the show’s run was Mark Harmon, who recently made the decision to leave the show on-screen. However, Harmon is now an executive producer on the project. 

A Fan Favorite

Perhaps one of the strongest ‘NCIS’ character relationships is that of scientist Abby and agent Tim McGee. The two characters start the series off flirting which evolves into a relationship. What makes this character relationship special is that after the romance fizzles, the pair remain friends. While there is jealousy and tension between the two at first following the romance, their platonic relationship evolves and becomes a backbone of the series. The pair continue to work together on cases and maintain healthy boundaries and expectations. 

In season 15 of the show, McGee starts a family with his wife, and Abby is happy for them and excited to meet her friend’s partner. The long-term respectful friendship between Abby and McGee is certainly refreshing. Often in media characters that were once lovers, become enemies or harbor unspoken feelings or drama. Abby and McGee seem to offer a simple alternative. 

It’s no wonder that fans adore the pair so much. Positive comments from fans about the pair and their friendship can be seen online. These comments range over several years, further affirming the place this connection has in fans’ hearts. 

One fan writes in a 2013 tweet, “Anytime McAbby are in scenes together I am happy!   Can’t wait!”

When actress Pauly Perrette left ‘NCIS’ in 2018 after portraying Abby for 15 years, fans shared their love. User ‘Casey Freisinger’ writes, “Love both you guys, going to miss the relationship between Abby and McGee, it’s been a special one.”