‘NCIS’ Fans Are ‘Disappointed’ These Ziva Storylines Weren’t Included in the Show

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Bill lnoshita/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After 19 impressive seasons airing on CBS, it’s no wonder “NCIS” has seen a vast handful of cast members come and go. The most recent departure saw the heartbreaking “retirement” of “NCIS” icon Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Fans recall his character intended to soak in all the peace and beauty Alaska offers in his final episode. Now, however, “NCIS” fans are reflecting on another fan-favorite character. Currently, many mourn the lack of storylines surrounding NCIS’s Mossad officer, Ziva David.

There’s surely a host of Ziva David storylines that would have been interesting to explore prior to her leave from “NCIS.” However, Reddit touched on two main storylines that would have added a whole new layer to our self-reliant Mossad officer.

The OP begins the post, “So I had a conversation with my dad earlier today about how disappointed we were at some of the things that we didn’t see on [‘NCIS’].” Basically, the “NCIS” fan was disappointed that showrunners did not share an iota of Ziva’s pregnancy journey with Tali. Meanwhile, the Redditor’s father remained disappointed “NCIS” did not explore the complete turnaround in sentiments regarding Ziva’s feelings for Orli. They wanted to know how Ziva went from hating him to “reconciling.”

Soon enough, other “NCIS” fans had their own thoughts regarding the storylines.

“That definitely would be interesting to see Ziva questioning whether to inform Tony or not, and having to lose some of her hard headedness and ask for help,” replied a fellow Reddit user.

Another “NCIS” fan shared, “I’m in complete agreement about Ziva’s pregnancy! We never got to really see Tony/Ziva as a couple and her pregnant would have made for adorable scenes! I feel cheated!”

As to the Orli storyline, Redditors had little to say in response. However, as far as Ziva’s pregnancy goes, it definitely would have put a different spin on the tough-as-nails “NCIS” character.

‘NCIS’ Fans Had Conflicting Feelings About Ziva’s Season 16 Return

After too many seasons without Ziva David, many “NCIS” fans were ecstatic to see her surprise return in season 16. That said, some “NCIS” fans took issue with the character’s return, deeming her performance “less enjoyable this time around.”

The Redditor’s sentiment came as they just weren’t “as invested in her character as the majority of fans.”

However, they also added, “I felt far worse for Finneas losing his mother than I felt happiness for Ziva getting her revenge.”

Others took issue with the longtime cast member’s return as they did not like the way Ziva treated Gibbs.

As we well know, it’s assumed Ziva is dead after her Israel residence gets destroyed by a mortar. But when she makes her shocking return, Ziva “seemed to blame Gibbs for everything.” A second Redditor stated Ziva’s belief that Gibbs didn’t search for her hard enough to confirm her death after the explosion rubbed them the wrong way.

Specifically, they wrote, “[A]t that point she had been out of his life for years, what did she expect?”