‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss the Confusing Way ‘Hawai’i’ Is Introducing This New Cast Member

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to the NCIS fanbase, nothing gets past them. Even when adding a new character with an actor that has been in the universe before.

The NCIS universe is complicated. Not every show is interconnected. There is a separation between the original series and Los Angeles. However, things get a lot more confusing than that. For starters, there is a new character in NCIS: Hawai’i that has fans asking questions.

Actor Beulah Koale has joined the newest show in the franchise. His character, David Sola is set to become a regular on the series. However, he has already portrayed another main character that is sorta, kinda connected to the NCIS universe already.

That had one fan on Reddit asking questions. The fan, u/Accomplished_Crew630 wanted to know why the show would add Koale when he was in Hawaii 5-0. NCIS: Los Angeles and 5-0 did have a crossover. Intertwining the two canonical universes. Koale played Junior Reigns in seasons 8-10 of the show. So, adding him as a new character is a bit confusing for some.

“[Why] would they bring Beaulah Koale in as a new character on NCIS Hawaii when they crossed over 5-0 and [Los Angeles] before… So they’re clearly in the same universe,” the user said on the subreddit.

Thankfully, there were some other fans that had some reasonable answers. There is no reason to flip your lid over a decision like this. Really it is simple. “Because NCIS (and CBS) likes working with people they know,” u/SigmaKnight replied. “It’s why we have the actresses for Diane and Jeanne Benoit on NCISNO as different roles. It’s pretty common for [the series].”

Then there were other fans that had apparently done their research as well.

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Since Hawaii 5-0 is over with, and not returning, Koale should be fine to take up a new role. Even if it is technically in the same television universe as his old role. In fact, NCIS has a habit of reusing actors and actresses that they are familiar with. Even one of the biggest stars in the main series has been in the universe technically in the past.

“Actors/actresses act,” u/MonkGlonk replied to the Reddit thread. “[They’re] not locked [into] one role for eternity. Katrina Law is now a main cast member on NCIS even though she was also on [5-0].”

Now, that is solid evidence. There really is no point in getting torn up over the decision. As long as Koale does a good job in his new role, no issues. The NCIS team is always adding and subtracting members. There are hang arounds that last a few episodes, one-off characters, and more. So, there are going to be some familiar faces along the way. Even if their names don’t match up every time.