‘NCIS’ Fans Give Alden Parker Advice on How to Be Better than Gibbs

by Shelby Scott

This week airs the first new episode of “NCIS” following Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs departure. As fans prepare for the pivotal episode, the official “NCIS” Twitter is asking fans for advice new team lead Agent Alden Parker. They prefaced the question with, “First week on the job – we’ve all been there!”

Read on for some of fans’ most helpful “NCIS” hints.

For “NCIS” fans unable to accept the new lead agent’s position following Mark Harmon‘s departure, one simply wrote, “Quit.” Harsh. However, as many Outsiders can surely sympathize, adjusting to an entirely new lead agent after 19 seasons with Gibbs will be incredibly difficult.

Others, however, shared tips directly out of Gibbs’ line of teaching. One “NCIS” fan said, “Rule 15-always work as a team.” Another suggested Gibbs’ iconic Rule 9-always carry a knife. As longtime fans of the hit CBS show, Rule 9 has come in handy way more than a few times.

Other fans shared snippets of their own insight after years of following Gibbs and his team. “Buckle up,” one follower responded, while another stated sentimentally, “Don’t try to be another Gibbs…Make your OWN set of rules.” After all, it does make sense. Gibbs has some strong precedents and trying to follow all of them to a tee has to be near impossible.

Still, other “NCIS” fans shared plenty of helpful tips regarding Agent Parker‘s new position. For now, we adjust to life without Gibbs. And surprisingly, among ongoing controversy, several fans actually shared they are excited to see the new agent’s potential. As we sail deeper into season 19, only time will tell how our newest team addition adjusts.

Tension is Taut Between Agent Alden Parker & ‘NCIS’ Team

Nearly two decades on CBS, “NCIS” has faced more than its fair share of tension. Due to Agent Gibbs’ personality alone, we frequently saw tense scenes taking place on the show. These interactions came between the lead character and authority figures, his team members, and even his love interests.

Now, the new team addition Alden Parker possesses a serious yet more relaxed personality than Gibbs. Despite the fact, Outsiders are facing more tension on “NCIS” than we’ve seen in a long time.

Interestingly, though, the tension taking place between Parker and the rest of the “NCIS” team promises to contribute to major subplots and character interactions and developments as the season moves forward. Alden Parker actor Gary Cole further spoke on that on-screen tension during an interview with TVInsider.

“Initially, Torres is the most resistant,” while, “McGee, whose nature is intelligent and open, is reluctant at first but rolls with it.” As for the rest of our “NCIS” team, including Palmer and forensic scientist Kasie, we haven’t seen too much development on screen. While Torres and McGee have spent a lot of time with Alden Parker in the field, both the scientists spend much less time working alongside the new agent.

So, for now, the adjustment will be strange and complicated. However, should this tension pan out in a way that contributes to the further development of the new character, we may just see “NCIS” carry into its 20th season.