‘NCIS’ Fans Are Going Nuts After Gibbs’ Death Teased to End Last Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

NCIS fans are getting a little antsy when it comes to Gibbs’ fate on the show. According to TVLine, he’s scheduled to make only “a few” appearances this season. He’s already been suspended once, and now this possible foreshadowing incident is throwing fans into a bit of a tizzy.

There was a scene from the end of Monday night’s episode where Gibbs and McGee are packing up to leave for Alaska. The team found out who was paying Paul Lemere to kill, someone tied to a company trying to build a copper mine in Alaska. Gibbs and McGee head to the land of the midnight sun in the next episode, but first Gibbs had a stop to make.

The last shot of the recent NCIS episode featured Gibbs standing at Shannon and Kelly’s grave, where there is now a marker for him as well. Fans speculate that this is not-so-subtle foreshadowing that Gibbs may die soon.

“Him visiting Shannon & Kelly with his name on tombstone? What’s that supposed to mean? Is that foreshadowing? DON’T KILL GIBBS I BEG Y’ALL,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“Oh no! NO! Please tell [me] that the graves of Shannon and Kelly aren’t a clue of Gibbs’ future! Please, DON’T KILL HIM!!”

How Long Has Gibbs’ Name Been on the Grave?

Fans are adamant that the show not kill off Gibbs; to be honest, it would be a bold move from the show. Without Gibbs, there’s pretty much no NCIS. He’s the glue that holds the entire team together, and if he goes, who knows how fans would take it. Ratings would certainly drop significantly afterward, and many fans might even boycott the show.

But the marker on the gravestone may not be as big of a clue as we thought; it has been there from at least season 15 episode 24, when Gibbs visited for Shannon’s birthday. So it’s possible the marker has been there from the beginning, just Gibbs saving his place with his family.

It’s the fact that he’s visiting at all that has fans in an uproar, especially now. When Mark Harmon decides he’s done with Gibbs and NCIS, I guess there will be an easy way out, story-wise.

‘NCIS’: Tensions Mount Between Gibbs and Alden Parker

While the NCIS bullpen isn’t going to turn into a boxing ring anytime soon, Gibbs and FBI agent Alden Parker are still butting heads, in a more subtle way. Well, not so subtle, on Gibbs’ part.

In Monday night’s episode, Gibbs went from handing the reigns over to Parker, to driving away with Lemere and leaving Parker behind. Typical Gibbs, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Now, it’ll be interesting to see how Gibbs and Parker get along following the incident; are they going to be at each other’s throats? Or will they be grown-ups and put it behind them, focusing on the work?