‘NCIS’ Fans Go Nuts Over Michael Weatherly’s New Post Looking Back on Playing DiNozzo

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are going nuts following Michael Weatherly’s new post looking back on his time playing Tony DiNozzo. Weatherly’s character was a major fan favorite before he left the cast. Fans STILL want him back even though it’s been years.

Now, however, the actor has the leading role on another series, Bull, and appears to have a booked schedule. He hasn’t made a return in a while. But some hopeful fans are rooting for that to change.

He posted a photo of him playing DiNozzo and reminisced on old times.

“This guy woke me up this morning. Then I realized it was still a dream. He wouldn’t stop talking about Gibbs. And his shoulder holster. #ncis dream,” Weatherly wrote in a recent tweet.

“I miss this guy. Any chance he’ll visit #ncis with Ziva and Tali soon?” one fan asked.

“I really hope you come back to NCIS. You are, without a doubt my favorite character!!” another fan responded.

This is a pretty common sentiment. Fans really miss Ziva and Tony. Ziva David, of course, wound up getting together with DiNozzo. There was a period of time where fans believed her to be dead, but she wasn’t and she got to happily re-unite with DiNozzo and their child abroad.

Other fans are speculating that Weatherly is teasing us about a potential upcoming appearance on the show.

“I hope this means we might get an episode with DiNozzo on our screens again,” one person wrote.

This would be AWESOME for most fans of the show. Who really, really miss him. Back in the day, Ziva, Tony, and Abby were NCIS’s bread and butter, but now that they’ve all left, a new cast has come in. With Gibb’s having left this year too, fans would certainly love to get a visit from DiNozzo.

There’s One Thing Michael Weatherly Probably Doesn’t Miss From His ‘NCIS’ Days

While there’s plenty of nostalgia in the air when Weatherly talks about NCIS, he joked that those slaps he received on the show actually hurt. On the show, Gibbs slapping DiNozzo, who was quite the rulebreaker, upside the head, was a running joke. But apparently, actor Mark Harmon didn’t hold back. The slaps actually hurt.

Of course, it’s all in jest. And unfortunately, actor Mark Harmon actually left the show this year. So if Michael Weatherly does wind up returning, they probably won’t actually re-unite. Aside from the head slaps, that’s a pretty big bummer.

With or without Weatherly, this season has been full of action. If you want to catch new episodes of NCIS as it airs, the show airs on Mondays at 9/8 CT. Hopefully, one day, Weatherly will find the time to make another appearance. If he does, the fans would love it.