‘NCIS’ Fans Try To Guess Agent Alden Parker’s Backstory

by Anna Dunn

In a new Reddit thread, NCIS fans are trying to guess more about Agent Alden Parker’s backstory. Parker is a new character played by Gary Cole, but he’s already taken on the massive role as team leader. Since he’s a new character, fans don’t know much about his backstory, but they’re having fun coming up with theories.

In a Thread called “Predictions on Agent Alden Parker’s backstory?” one Reddit user comes up with theories about Parker’s past at the FBI.

“My bet is Parker had a bestie or subordinate when he was at the FBI who got hurt/killed somehow due to his fault. (Very unoriginal idea, I know),” the fan wrote. The Reddit user also cited a TV insider interview with Cole about his character.

“Gary Cole has only done 1 interview about NCIS so far, with Tv insider. He says, “Any skeletons in Parker’s closet? There’s a situation that did not go according to plan, and something tragic happened. He’s purposely kind of an enigma,” the fan continued.

The fan also posits that the episode has already been filmed. If not filmed, maybe the episode that explores Parker’s backstory has at least been written.

Since Cole talks in the past tense, I read it as that ” tragic” episode has already been filmed. Maybe Nick Torres gets injured, Parker is at fault/guilty for making the call, Torres then warms up to Parker. (Even more unoriginal!)

Other Fans think He May Be Involved in an Old ‘NCIS’ Case

Another fan noted that maybe Parker’s backstory is way more connected with the NCIS team than we know.

“Maybe he was the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI team that got blown up by Harper Dearing,” the fan wrote. The person who originally started the thread responded by positing that maybe during his time at the FBI, he did something that screwed with Fornell.

Whatever his backstory may be, Parker is currently quite the mystery. Actor Gary Cole joined the team for season 19, and shortly after, Mark Harmon, who played Special Agent Gibbs for almost two decades, left the series. This was quite a shock to NCIS fans, and many of them aren’t so sure the show can thrive without Gibbs.

But Cole has done an impressive job so far, even if he is filling very big shoes.

NCIS is currently on a hiatus for the rest of 2021 and will return on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.