‘NCIS’ Fans Have an Awesome New Spin-off Idea

by Madison Miller

Clearly, “NCIS” fans are no stranger to spin-off shows within the franchise’s universe. When it comes to brainstorming new ideas, perhaps the “NCIS” creative team should consider hiring a few superfans to come up with new ideas. Few know the show and are more passionate about it, after all.

New Idea for an ‘NCIS’ Spin-Off Series

Recently, a couple of fans on Reddit were discussing a possible new idea for a spin-off of “NCIS.”

“Okay, so I don’t normally think a new spinoff would be a good idea, especially considering how many they’ve already done with NCIS; but I think that a spin-off series about young Gibbs and Ducky (a la S18E2) would be awesome – the flashback episodes are some of the best written (so far at least), so I think it might be a good idea,” wrote the one “NCIS” superfan.

The concept is certainly interesting and nothing like what the spin-offs we’ve seen so far are like. Usually, “NCIS” structures its spin-offs in the same way. Each show is based in a specific area in which crime and action are different or interesting in some way. That includes Los Angeles, New Orleans, and most recently Hawaii.

This show idea would completely escape out of that new show boundary, so network executives likely wouldn’t go for it.

One person commented, “That would be entertaining from a storyline perspective but I fear it would have limited scope.” Meanwhile, someone else argued that time is extremely flexible on TV and anything can be stretched out if it’s done right.

Logistics of Spin-Off Idea

Most seem to agree that seeing Gibbs and Ducky in the past would be an entertaining idea.

As for problems with the idea, there are two major ones that would make this concept something that is clever but would never happen. First of all, Mark Harmon pulled out of his role as Gibbs on the show earlier this season after nearly 20 years of playing his character. He is still an executive producer on the show, but it’s clear that he no longer wants to be in front of the camera anymore.

What would make him want to star in a completely different spin-off if he no longer wanted to be in “NCIS” anymore?

Secondly, the actor that plays Ducky, David McCallum, has significantly decreased his presence on “NCIS” He only appears in a few episodes here and there. During the pandemic, he would only appear in video calls. He seems to be wanting to slow down in front of the camera as well and would likely not agree to any kind of spin-off series where he is the star.

Although fans adore both Ducky and Gibbs, especially on-screen together, this spin-off would have had to take flight years ago. Now, it’s just going to exist as a clever idea on the internet.