‘NCIS’ Fans Have Concerns About Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo After Rewatching Show

by Michael Freeman

Have you ever rewatched a television show or movie you loved, only to realize you now think differently about it? That seems to be happening with Michael Weatherly’s character on NCIS. Combing through the series after his departure, many fans are a bit concerned about Anthony DiNozzo’s behavior.

Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo Jr. was a series staple and fan-favorite character since the series began. While he could be immature and difficult sometimes, lovable is often a word used to describe him. However, fans rewatching the series have begun to think his character has aged poorly. On the show’s official subreddit, a post titled “Upon Rewatch” discussed this, with many saying Tony was annoying and incredibly inappropriate in a professional setting.

The original poster began, saying “Upon rewatch, I have to admit, Tony’s immaturity and constant flirting with sexual innuendos was very annoying. I get that he had redeeming qualities as an agent; as a person though, his character was very annoying some too. Always in people’s personal business, constant mocking of his teammates, and the only woman who remotely put up with it was Ziva.”

The top-rated commenter agrees, saying in today’s workplace, they would have fired Tony almost immediately. Another commenter noted that he was indeed immature and also noted him bullying McGee.

Nonetheless, another user felt Anthony DiNozzo’s comments and mannerisms were funny. “It was funny, not annoying,” they wrote. “Show has gotten more “politically correct,” which takes the fun away. Tony matures however, each season it’s less and less. He’s my favorite character on the show.”

Overall, both sides bring up great points about Tony. There’s no denying his remarks were often inappropriate, but it’s up to the viewer whether it was amusing or not.

Michael Weatherly Talks About Leaving ‘NCIS’ Gracefully

Regardless of how you felt about Michael Weatherly’s character on NCIS, DiNozzo’s departure left a void on the team. In an interview earlier this year, he discussed leaving the show gracefully and the “key” to doing so.

Speaking to TV Line, Weatherly discussed DiNozzo leaving the show and his thoughts. Though he had no specifics in mind for how his character would leave, he wanted it to be done right. “I will reveal that there was one particular line of story that I was made aware of that actually completely changed — disappeared really — and became something else,” he said. not specifying what storyline he was referring to.

“So I know that they were playing with stuff all the way along. The key for me [in deciding to leave] was to make sure these guys had enough time to do whatever they creatively thought was going to serve the show the best. I love Tony DiNozzo, but more importantly, I love NCIS, so that’s always a priority. His departure has to serve that primarily.”