‘NCIS’ Fans Have Serious Opinions on Whether ‘Hawai’i’ Spinoff Fits With Show Universe

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Karen Neal/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS: Hawai’i” hasn’t been as strong as the executives thought it would be. Fans just aren’t responding to it, and viewership is way down. A few fans took to Reddit to discuss “Hawai’i”‘s place in the larger “NCIS” universe. Safe to say, things were a little heated.

The original post began with a tough, “This is the worst NCIS series and does not even act like it is part of the NCIS World.” Other fans joined in on the discussion in the comments.

“I think by positioning this series after the older series on Monday night, they hoped it would foster viewership, but they made a critical error,” one fan mused. “All of the other NCIS series had a tie-in to the old series to help strengthen it. They made no ties to the Hawaii series and seem to have patterned it after ‘Hawaii 5-0’.”

True, “New Orleans” and “Los Angeles” both had ties to the flagship “NCIS” with a backdoor pilot. That helped ease viewers into the new iteration. But there was none of that with “Hawai’i.” The show was just dropped in our laps and we were expected to enjoy it.

Another fan agreed, writing, “there’s nothing that makes it part of the NCIS universe and the fact they gave up on NOLA to create it was a huge waste of time.”

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’: Fans Conflicted About Whether They Like It Or Not

In the same Reddit post, there were also fans who disagreed with the original post. They commented defending the show.

One fan wanted an explanation, writing, “Are saying that in order for it to be part of the NCIS universe, it has to follow the exact same formula as the first 3 series, has to have the same tones and storylines and character development? It’s a unique entry, it’s not similar to the others at all, and that is fine.”

Another replied to their comment, backing them up. They wrote, “People are salty that we didn’t get a backdoor pilot for Hawaii, NOLA ended, the NCIS OG show’s current cast haven’t shown up yet.”

One fan got serious in their response, claiming, “you people go nutty when they do the same things, now you complain because it’s on the different side? What exactly do you need? Gibbs to show up on vacation…..It has to do with the Navy, which should make some of you happy since you complain that they don’t always do that. Do you think all outlets in real life are the same? No, they’re not.”

Fans, at least these fans, seem to be conflicted about the show. It’s an interesting take on the “NCIS” franchise, in a place with a lot of history and culture to explore. They seem to only have scratched the surface of everything they could be doing. Fans are mostly upset that there’s no “lore” connecting “Hawai’i” to anything else. But, it’s a new show. Let it create its own lore in time.