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‘NCIS’ Fans Just Caught DiNozzo Continuity Error From Back in Season 4

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

As we’ve learned here at Outsider, CBS‘s long-running show, “NCIS,” has some pretty observant and dedicated fans. Further, the hit procedural drama has seen many successes over its 19 seasons on the air. Nevertheless, fans have noticed, time and again, major and minor plot holes and continuity errors in certain episodes.

Now, “NCIS” sleuths have caught yet another continuity error surrounding the beloved character Anthony DiNozzo. The blunder, carried out by Michael Weatherly, premiered all the way back in season four. Read on to learn what fans have spotted.

For those in tune with “NCIS’s” plot and less so the positional aspects of the characters, the season four continuity error is something many have surely missed. However, according to Express, the season four episode entitled “Once A Hero” catches Agent DiNozzo catching a brief snooze at his desk during the investigation.

The shot features McGee scouring his computer for answers as he looks over to Tony, asleep. Simultaneously, the senior agent has his feet kicked up on the desk, hands folded across his stomach, and head resting on the chair back. One frame shows the “NCIS” actor’s left ankle crossed over the right, his hands folded together in his lap. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that in the next frame, Weatherly’s right ankle crossed over the left. Additionally, the actor’s hand now rests atop his forearm, rather than both folded together.

As I just watched the season four “NCIS” rerun, I can assure you I definitely missed that particular continuity error. However, one continuity error spells trouble for production crews. Although, it appears that same episode had quite the collection of continuity errors.

Eagle-Eyed ‘NCIS’ Fans Highlight Several Production Errors

As for the season four episode, “NCIS’s” production crew might be pardoned the small mistake had it been the only one to occur.

However, according to the news outlet, those ever-knowing fans spotted several other continuity errors throughout the remainder of the episode.

While we’re sure it wasn’t the first nor the last time, those same fans spotted one of Dr. “Ducky” Mallard’s “cadavers'” eye twitching not once, but twice, throughout the episode.

Later, as we’ve fully become familiar with, Special Agent Gibbs presents his badge to another character while following the investigation’s trail. However, what makes the shot interesting is the way Gibbs holds his badge in the same scene in two separate frames.

According to the outlet, fans noticed, “The way Gibbs holds his ID out to the maintenance man changes between shots.” They explained, “In the first shot he has two fingers inside the ID, in the second shot just his thumb is inside the ID.”

For a longtime “NCIS” fan like myself, these sorts of continuity errors rarely register on my part. However, for those more in tune with “NCIS” visuals, we’re sure the errors can be distracting.

Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to a bad day and perhaps production was struggling with shooting throughout that episode. Regardless, you can bet this Outsider in particular will continue to follow and adore the hit CBS show, despite its occasional production fumbles.