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‘NCIS’ Fans Notice Error About Gibbs’ and Ducky’s Past

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage)

NCIS fans noticed a huge timeline error in Gibb’s and Ducky’s past.

Everyone loves Ducky and Gibbs. If you have seen NCIS before, then you know that they are two of the most iconic characters. So, what could possibly be wrong with their timeline?

Well, Outsiders, that is an excellent question. Find out below.

The Timeline Error on NCIS

Ducky is played by David McCallum. He started out on NCIS as the chief medical examiner and close confidant of Gibbs. But then he retired in 2019.

Upon his retirement, he took on the official role of the NCIS historian. And everyone believes that this was the perfect job for him.

Looper reportedly acknowledged a few parts of Ducky’s timeline that don’t quite make sense. For instance, the timeline of his friendship with Gibbs is unbalanced when comparing episodes from different seasons.

“There are several pieces of evidence, including Gibbs’ memory gaps from his various comas and the different retellings of their first meeting,” according to Looper.

Although, it is unclear whether or not Gibbs memory issues affected the first time they met. No one also knows if Ducky knew of Gibb’s first wife, Shannon. According to Looper, he claimed to not remember her in season 3, but recent episodes revealed that he actually did know her back in the day. So, something is definitely off there.

All in all, this confusing timeline is ongoing throughout the story. But all shows are going to have a few misunderstandings, not just NCIS. And with a character like Ducky, who has an endless amount of memories, things are going to be misread. Seriously, it would take months to go through his timeline.

Will Ducky Appear on the Show Again?

Everyone is asking when Ducky might return to the show. His experiences and popularity have fans missing him on the show.

A recent report confirmed that Ducky will make an appearance on next week’s All Hands episode. Fans are in for a surprise for what role Ducky will play. Even though we don’t know much about the episode yet, it will still be nice to have the original cast back together again. McCallum’s character made this show more entertaining for the viewers.

Last year, a video of Gibbs and Ducky’s friendship was uploaded to YouTube. It goes through the many shows they appeared on together. In the clip, you will find the beginning of their 40-year friendship to where it sits currently. Let’s take a look!

Today, the co-stars, friends, and investigation partners have grown closer together throughout their acting years.

You can catch the new episode on Monday night at 9/8c on CBS. If you’re wanting to see a reunion between Gibbs and Ducky, tune in Monday night. It’s going to be an episode to remember.