‘NCIS’ Fans Ponder When Sean Murray’s McGee Will Exit the Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are wondering when Sean Murray’s McGee will exit the show. McGee is one of the few characters left who has been on the show since its start. So now, fans are wondering when Sean Murray will follow the trend of original NCIS actors saying goodbye.

NCIS recently said goodbye to long-time star Mark Harmon. The massive blow to the fanbase and cast was hard to grasp, but it was made easier by a series of cast departures over the past decade. With Ziva, Tony, Abby, and now Gibbs all gone, the show is almost unrecognizable to people who’ve only seen the early seasons.

A new Reddit Thread has fans talking about a potential Sean Murray exit.

The tread, titled “Any Estimates when McGee could be gone,” prompts fans to think about how McGee would potentially say goodbye to the team.

“I am just being fan of estimates , just theorizing about McGee being the only original left, I don’t mean original cast per say but he was part of season 1 that makes him original still. He will stay until the show ends or just storyline wise leaving when ? What is his ending ?” the fan wrote.

Fans Hope Sean Murray will be With ‘NCIS’ for the Long Haul

“Never, McGee is the eternal NCIS being who will never leave or die,” one fan joked.

“Sean Murray seems content with being McGee until the end. He’s not a “superstar” but he’s making a good living. He can probably walk the streets or go out without being hounded by fans, yet he‘s a great actor and very well liked. He has the best of both worlds so the actor is not leaving,” another fan guessed.

It’s true. Shows like NCIS can provide very good work. But they can also feel a bit creatively stifling. It’s why we’ve seen so much turnover over the years. But Sean Murray hasn’t expressed any desire to leave, and fans are hoping that that means he won’t.

“If McGee leaves there is no show, I think he is destined to be an NCIS agent until the point of retirement. I think the show will end with McGee as team lead hopefully,” another fan guessed.

Many were surprised when McGee turned down the role left behind by Mark Harmon’s Gibbs. McGee saw what being the leader did to Gibbs and opted to remain in his current position, allowing Gary Cole’s new character, Alden Park, to take over.

Thankfully, and speculation about Murray leaving the show is just that. Speculation. There’s still plenty more episodes left where we know he’ll be present, so fans shouldn’t sweat it. If you want to watch NCIS, the show airs every Monday on CBS at 9/8 central.