‘NCIS’ Fans Praise Sean Murray’s Acting from His ‘JAG’ Days

by Victoria Santiago

NCIS fans are raving about Sean Murray’s acting in older shows. Unbeknownst to most, before joining NCIS, Murray acted on JAG. He played two different characters. In 1998, he played as Ensign Terry Guitry on an episode called “Innocence.” Then, he returned to the show from 2000-2001 as Danny Walden. Now, he’s a beloved agent on NCIS.

Many people watch NCIS just for Sean Murray acting – but he’s been a good actor for decades. On Reddit, u/mindlesskafkaesque posted that Murray’s acting in JAG was amazing. “Just watched an old episode of JAG where Sean played a really amazing gas-lighting character (Danny Walden) on Admiral Chegwidden,” they said. “Versatile actor.”

Many comments echoed the sentiment, saying they appreciate Murray’s acting in anything he does. Other JAG stars have appeared on NCIS, too. “The couple of times Chegwidden has been on NCIS, I prayed he’d run into McGee and there’d be some sort of in-joke. I think they did run into each other at Gibbs’ cabin, but no Easter eggs at all,” u/g33kprincess commented.

Others comment on the overwhelming amount of character growth that Murray has undergone on the popular action show. “The character of McGee has evolved more than any character in the series. He started out as this cute, affectionate IT geek to a Sr. Agent. He was a nerd that spent his evenings writing books or playing games to a father of twins. I’ve enjoyed his journey,” u/ptazdba commented.

Is Sean Murray Leaving ‘NCIS?’

It seems that McGee’s journey might soon be coming to an end. Fans have been worried that Murray will soon leave the show. Right now, he’s one of the only original actors left, so fans are hoping that he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of other original actors and leave. NCIS recently said goodbye to Mark Harmon, who played a staple character in the show. Harmon is just the latest in a long list of people who have left. In fact, if you’ve only seen early seasons of the show, you might have some trouble catching up with all of the new faces.

There’s no real indication that Murray might leave and take McGee’s character with him, except for one worrying episode. In the episode, McGee reveals that a headhunter offered him a lot of money to leave NCIS. He ultimately chose to stay, but it opened up the possibility of something similar happening again in future episodes.

Of course, that won’t happen anytime soon. We can already expect to see McGee on future episodes, at least for a while. Meeting with a headhunter in the show might just be one little moment, and could serve just for character growth. Fans think that Murray, as an actor, is wholly comfortable continuing to play McGee. Only time will tell.