‘NCIS’ Fans Praise the Show for Nailing a Small Technical Detail

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are praising the show for nailing a small technical detail. The show, which has been on for almost 19 years now, certainly has had room for its fair share of errors. But fans really appreciate it when NCIS gets the little things right.

In fact, it seems to be a running joke that the show has struggled to get technical details correct, and when that happens, it tends to make things less enjoyable because they don’t feel as real.

A new Reddit thread titled “It had to happen eventually, NCIS actually got a technical detail correct!” has fans discussing a new detail on the show and whether or not it’s accurate. The plot is very computer heavy, so brace yourself.

“When they were in MTAC talking with the general and the under secretary, Parker mentioned how the comm system used Hyper-V clustering to make it redundant, and how taking out a single server room wouldn’t take the entire system down. And that’s all actually technically correct!” the fan wrote. Of course, they had to note that there was a technical inaccuracy shortly after.

“Of course, then Parker somehow enabled root access on the suspect’s laptop in like 3s, which is impossible… But hey, at least the Hyper-V part was correct!” the fan wrote.

Other fans, however, argued that a few details were a bit inaccurate, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been for a hacking scene.

‘NCIS’ Is Continuing the Series without Mark Harmon

NCIS is soldiering on without its leading man Mark Harmon. The Special Agent Gibbs actor had a small, four episode arc at the start of the season before ending it by deciding he wanted to retire and live in Alaska, where he can finally feel a bit more free.

The touching goodbye was hard for fans to take, but people were pleasantly surprised with the episode after Harmon left. The episode put a focus on the team deciding to move on without Gibbs, and saw new character Alden Parker promoted to lead the team.

Parker, played by Gary Cole, has somehow managed to make a good impression on fans who were skeptical about having yet another new character join the scene. Katrina Law has also joined the cast as Jessica Knight. It looks like there are some fans out there that like her as well, making the future of NCIS seem a bit more hopeful after Harmon’s exit.

If you want to catch the next episode of NCIS, the show airs on Mondays at 9/8 central on CBS. But you can’t expect a new episode this coming Monday; the show is going on a brief hiatus and will return on 11/1.