‘NCIS’ Fans Are Reeling Over the ‘Friendship’ That Never Happened

by Leanne Stahulak

“NCIS” has cycled through so many different characters throughout so many seasons that some people never get a chance to meet.

Only a few fan favorites have stuck with the show from the beginning, including Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs, David McCallum’s Donald Mallard, and Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee. Most early characters on the show left on a middle season, while others got introduced in a middle season only to depart in a later one.

Earlier this week, some “NCIS” fans took to Reddit to talk about two characters that they absolutely wished could’ve met in person. The fans theorize that these two would’ve been great friends. After a failed romantic relationship, of course.

“Anyone else think that Tony and Jack would’ve been the funniest pair? He would’ve tried to hit on her at first probably but eventually would’ve become close with her as he grew close to Kate, Abby, and Bishop,” the original post reads. “By pair I mean friendship.”

NCIS Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo stole the hearts of many on-screen. He also appeared on the show from the beginning, even making an appearance on the show’s backdoor pilot episode on “JAG.” Unfortunately, actor Michael Weatherly left “NCIS” after Season 13 in 2015.

Jack, meanwhile, refers to Forensic Psychologist Jaqueline “Jack” Sloane, who started on the show in 2017 for Season 15. Jack is a tough, badass woman with a troubling past. She doesn’t take crap from anybody and is one of the strongest people on the show.

She never got a chance to meet Tony, but the fans agree that they wish Tony would come back to interact with all kinds of new characters.

‘NCIS’ Fans Weigh In on Different Friendships With Tony DiNozzo

Several fans pitched other characters that they’d like to see “NCIS” character Anthony DiNozzo interact with on-screen.

“I think Tony and Torres would be hilarious together too. I mean he was with Ziva for only a couple of scenes and it was already so funny. Hopefully Tony comes back in the future,” one fan commented on the post.

Another said, “Tony would be great with everyone, tbh. Clay and Tony would have been great friends, so would Tony and Knight.”

Only one disagreed with the idea, saying they don’t think Tony and Jack “would have made a good match at all.”

“Tony is smart enough to know that Jack would see straight through him, would not put up with his s***, would point out things about himself that he would not like to admit,” the dissenter wrote.

The original poster commented on the dissenter’s post and gave a whole argument on why they think the two would work as friends.

“I feel like they would’ve had hilarious banter because she could see through his crap! And I also feel like she would’ve been a confidant for him, apart from Jimmy,” the fan explained. “He’s a flirt! So I figured he would flirt with her a little in the beginning but of course she would shut that down. In the end I believe they would’ve been close and she could’ve helped him sort through the whole Ziva debacle.”