‘NCIS’ Fans Reliving Their ‘Favorite Palmer Moment’ Is an Epic Trip Down Memory Lane

by Joe Rutland

NCIS actor Brian Dietzen has been playing Dr. Jimmy Palmer since it started on CBS back in 2004. Fans share their favorite Palmer scenes.

Well, Outsiders, maybe we could say those fans were tweeting their faves.

They replied to an initial tweet from the NCIS account on Twitter.

Let’s see what they are saying, Outsiders.

Eve writes, “Can I say every Jimmy moment is my favorite…?”

Deathstarr/Justin writes, “When he falls down the hill in the episode where the wife kills her husband if I remember”.

Serena Nelson writes, “When we find out in the ‘Keep Going’ that Palmer passed the ME exam. Welcome Dr Palmer. #NCIS encourages me to ‘Keep Going’!”

Stephanie offers this suggestion. “When Jimmy & Ducky were kidnapped for an autopsy in the woods & smarted their way out of it (well, Gibbs & co helped at the very end),” the person tweets. Ducky is a reference to Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, played by David McCallum.

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‘NCIS’ Star Pins Crime Drama Show’s Success on One Major Reason

When it comes down to pinpointing one reason for the show’s success, Dietzen offers up a simple answer when it comes to NCIS.

He talks about it in an interview with Starry Mag.

“Honestly, I think it’s the characters that make it that,” Dietzen said. “That’s not to pat the back of all of the actors or anything like that.

“There’s a ton of people that go into making these characters who they are,” he said. “The writers, creators of the show, and the writing staff that write this week in and week out creates this cast of characters that really does act as a family together.”

NCIS is helped when actors and characters forge a solid relationship. It shows up when the actors are on-screen and when they are off-screen.

Dietzen said that you can see that they care for one another.

“They have one another’s back and I think that’s something people like to see,” he said.

Dietzen Talks About His Favorite Parts of Working with ‘Ducky’ Actor David McCallum

For anyone who has watched NCIS over the years, then you know Jimmy and “Ducky” have worked together well.

So, Dietzen talks about his relationship with “Ducky” actor David McCallum.

He says that “obviously on screen and off that relationship has meant a lot — both with David and between Jimmy and Ducky. And that mentorship has been real, in front of and behind the camera.”

Palmer takes over from Mallard as the Acting Chief Medical Examiner in season 15.

It takes place after Mallard leaves for a break so he can teach in New York City.