‘NCIS’ Fans Point Out a Small Continuity Error With a Character’s Age

by Joe Rutland

“NCIS” fans keep their eagle eyes on all the details within the CBS military drama. One of those details has to do with a character’s age.

We turn our attention, Outsiders, to Reddit where there are fans discussing this and other things.

A thread called “Tony’s age” gets us going. Redditor HugeRaspberry writes, “according to the wiki he is 49 years old – born in 1972 – but that would cause issue with his college grad date of ’89 – as he would have been 17. More likely he graduated from OSU in 1993 – and was class of 93”.

Fan Tuttielane replies, “Yeah, some places say he’s 49, some say 53. All the later episodes say he’s born 1968. For all we know he could’ve lied to Kate”.

Then GuitarpickerT writes, “Tony looked so much younger in Season 1. I thought he was in his early thirties. There’s an episode with Tony shirtless because the AC is broken. He is very muscular.”

“NCIS” featured actor Michael Weatherly playing Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. Weatherly was on the CBS show for 305 appearances. These days, he is deeply involved in the drama “Bull.”

Those fans of the franchise-leading drama have had to adjust with the show on a new night. “NCIS” airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. It’s right before “NCIS: Hawai’i” starring Vanessa Lachey on Mondays.

Weatherly spent a good stretch of time on “NCIS” but was ready to go.

He scooted on from “NCIS” back in 2016. After Weatherly departed, he took time to sit with TV Line and offered some info on what went down.

Weatherly said that no one can be in that No. 2 slot forever. He’s referring to his spot on Jethro Gibbs’ team. Gibbs, obviously, was played by Mark Harmon.

“That started to feel constrained to me,” he said.

Well, he was on there for 13 seasons and played alongside Harmon as Gibbs.

Now he did share his thoughts on being “Number 2” all that time.

Weatherly said, “McGee is looking at him and saying, ‘When you get out of here I want to be No. 2,’ and Gibbs is looking at him like, ‘You’re kind of hanging around. Have you got things you want to do?'”

The actor said he appreciates “NCIS” for all it did to help him and his career. Yet, he knew at some point he had to move along.

There have been hopes of Weatherly making an appearance on “NCIS” at some point. But, it looks like, Outsiders, that it’s not going to happen. DiNozzo’s only time on the screen these days is in syndication.