‘NCIS’ Fans Spot Crew Member in Major Season One Scene

by Lauren Boisvert

For a show that’s been on as long as “NCIS”, there’s bound to be a few mistakes here and there. A fan on Reddit found one such mistake in the season 1 episode “Hung Out To Dry.” In the episode, a Marine crashes through an SUV when his parachute fails. The initial cause is a faulty parachute, but later the team finds out the chute was rigged.

The victim was killed after finding out about one of the other Marine’s drug ring. The suspect used a solvent to destroy the parachute, causing it to fail when deployed.

One fan found a little mistake in the episode when watching the scene where the suspect is interrogated. In the mirror behind Gibbs, you can see the reflection of a crew member. One user replied, “this was often the case with morgue scenes.”

Image: ViacomCBS 2003

Makes sense, since a lot of the set design and equipment in the morgue was slightly reflective. The fan added, “I don’t remember the episodes but there’s a few full fledged reflection shots where people see they’re in the shot and panic.”

Makes you wonder why they didn’t just reshoot the scenes? Maybe it was too expensive, or there wasn’t enough time in the schedule. Either way, it’s fun when these little mistakes and bloopers happen. Reminds you of all the behind-the-scenes people it takes to make a TV show.

‘NCIS’ Co-Creator’s Marine Corps Days Helped Inspire the Show

“NCIS” co-creator Donald P. Bellisario actually has a real personal connection to the main theme of the show. The NCIS hunts down suspects in the deaths of Marines and Navy personnel, and it just so happens that Bellisario served in the Marine Corps. He served from 1955 to 1959, and earned the rank of Sergeant.

Because of his service, he was able to write original stories that drew on his experience. In an interview with the Archive of American Television, Bellisario spoke about a time when the FBI actually contacted him about his shows, “JAG” and “NCIS.” The feds thought his stories were so real, that they briefly considered him a security threat.

He was on active duty between wars, and shared that he almost went back to the Marines when the Vietnam War began. Additionally, he revealed that when he was graduating college, the Navy wanted to recruit him for flight school.

Bellisario said that he was “determined not to let the Marine Corps break me, to be the best Marine I could be.” He also revealed that he had a “love-hate thing with the Marine Corps”, but it definitely influenced him for the best when writing “NCIS.” Essentially, he said he had to be true to himself in terms of what he wanted to do with his life.