‘NCIS’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over This Jimmy Palmer Scene With Gibbs

by Shelby Scott

Since its 2003 debut, “NCIS” has been snagging the hearts of viewers internationally. From then on, fans have enthusiastically shared their most beloved characters, scenes, and relationships. However, after 19 seasons, there are bound to be some truly memorable moments and character interactions. Now, in a recent Reddit thread, fans are gushing about one Jimmy Palmer/Agent Gibbs scene that has since garnered much admiration.

As Looper points out, medical examiner Jimmy Palmer is a sort of oddball among the entirety of the “NCIS” team. Both present and past characters alike, from the iconic Agent Gibbs up to the crew’s newest additions, Katrina Law as Agent Jessica Knight and Gary Cole as team lead Alden Parker, boast their own sort of serious, stoic, and solemn characteristics. Comparatively, Palmer remains a frequent ray of sunshine among all the gloom and doom.

In this way, our beloved former Special Agent Gibbs and current head medical examiner shared a unique relationship. Gibbs was probably never as close with Palmer as he was with his immediate team members. Despite that though, he and the younger man nevertheless shared some of the same values. They primarily clung to the importance of compassion, leading to their unique bond.

Reddit Rallies Around ‘NCIS’s’ Dr. Jimmy Palmer

The Reddit thread kicked off as one “NCIS” fan wrote, “Thank God for characters like Jimmy Palmer. I am in the middle of season 17 and throughout most of the series, Jimmy Palmer is (usually) a ray of sunshine. I love characters like him.”

They then went into a discussion surrounding the iconic Gibbs/Palmer scene. The Reddit user identified their favorite episode as “Keep Going,” which sees Jimmy Palmer on the ledge of a building talking a stranger out of committing suicide. The “NCIS” fan quotes the episode’s dialogue with:

“Gibbs: ‘What are you doing Palmer[?]’
Palmer: ‘I am not sure[.]'”

In response, another fan wrote, “Oh god, when Gibbs hugs Palmer at the end of the episode. Immediate ugly tears. It’s so good!”

Other “NCIS” fans assured the fellow Redditor that their reaction was justified, replying, “I was bawling the UGLIEST of tears also.”

Still other “NCIS” fans dove further back into Palmer’s origins, recalling the moment Brian Dietzen (Palmer’s actor) went from being a recurring character to a cast regular featured in the opening credits. “I gave an audible cheer!!!” they exclaimed.

Others touched on Palmer’s character development with “He has also become such a great member of the team, even taking on a ducky-Esque mentoring role but it fits him really well.”

While Outsiders look forward to the winter return of handfuls of our favorite series, fans will surely be excited to see Palmer and the rest of the “NCIS” team return to screens on Monday, January 2nd.