‘NCIS’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over How Ziva Acted During ‘Rivkin’ Storyline

by Lauren Boisvert

During season 6, NCIS featured an arc centering around Ziva and a Mossad Agent named Michael Rivkin. The two previously worked together, and were short-lived lovers. Ziva’s father sent Rivkin to the U.S., in the two episodes that would serve as the NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off. He killed so many people, and eventually, Tony killed Rivkin in self-defense when Rivkin tried to stab him with a piece of glass. Safe to say, Ziva was not happy about that.

13 years later, NCIS fans still can’t let go of Ziva’s behavior towards Tony after Rivkin’s death. Fans took to Reddit to discuss their thoughts about Rivkin, and about how Ziva treated Tony afterwards.

The original post catalogs the episode arc; it talks about Ziva’s lies, Tony’s overprotectiveness, and Rivkin’s shady dealings. The post is interspersed with opinion on the arc, and especially about the way Ziva acted towards Tony in the aftermath.

“The way she dealt with it after [Rivkin’s death] was worse. Telling Gibbs she can’t trust Tony?? Seriously? ‘We can’t be on the same team’ I mean cmon rlly [sic]?” wrote the original poster. “And then what bothers me the absolute most was when she called him worthless and basically implied she wished it was Tony [who died].”

The post continued, “And then the way she said ‘Tony killed him’ Like he did it in cold blood. She wasn’t there so she had no right. I do get why she was upset but that doesn’t excuse her behavior.”

The poster went on to write that they felt Ziva’s apology wasn’t as sincere as it should have been. Other fans commented their opinions on the arc. But, the overwhelming notion is that Ziva was mean to Tony.

‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Ziva’s Behavior in Rivkin Arc

“I have often wondered what Ziva saw in Rivkin, other than that he was familiar, from the same place and knew the same people,” one commenter wrote. “Maybe he felt like a link to her past, and the breaking of that link is what made her so mad at Tony. She certainly didn’t try to understand his perspective at all.”

It’s true, Ziva seemed firmly stuck on team Rivkin. She tended to Rivkin’s wounds immediately without giving Tony so much as a how-de-do.

Another commenter mentioned that Tony might have been too close. “Tony in this case was not wrong for protecting Ziva but he was wrong for allowing his feelings to overshadow his rationale,” they wrote. Meaning, he was a bit of a hypocrite for telling Ziva to butt out of his own relationships, but when she’s getting into one he does the exact opposite. Granted, Rivkin was not the best guy for Ziva to get involved with.

One commenter mused that Ziva eventually realized that her past was no good to her, and “why need blood when ur boss is a better father than urs ever will be and ur coworkers are your family.”

Overall, it seems like both Tony and Ziva made mistakes in that arc. Their actions would eventually lead them to each other, but the frustrations and the built-up tension between them made it oh-so-sweet.