‘NCIS’ Fans Think the Show’s Days May Be Numbered

by Joe Rutland

A number of changes have taken place on NCIS this season. Still, some fans of the CBS drama believe it might not be around much longer.

Remember, Outsiders, that longtime lead actor Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs, left the show. The NCIS star, though, is still with the show as an executive producer.

These fans, though, are sounding the alarm on Reddit. A thread titled “Am I alone in thinking the original NCIS has run it’s course?” gets us started.

Writer tamspawn says, “I’ve seen EVERY episode. I’ve enjoyed the plot lines. Been bummed when characters died. Laughed often with my son, because, if he sees me watching an episode he says ‘get your gear, we’ve got a body’ because what episode doesn’t start this way. I miss Ziva (Cote de Pablo). Abby (Pauley Perrette) is how I explain my job (I fix some of the equipment she used) the show has been fun for almost 20. This season feels like a brand new show.”

‘NCIS’ Viewer Continues Sharing Doubt That Current Cast Will Bring Person Into New World

This Redditor adds that there is doubt that current cast members and show writers can pull off dragging this person into a new world. This person writes about having the anti-Gibbs as a boss (Gary Cole) along with the cast touching on the PSTD of their acted lives and “pandering to gun violence.”

And the writer here adds that “the original NCIS series has jumped the shark. Sadly the boat blew up on the way over.”

Redditor Abbessolute says, “If the show ends with this season I wouldn’t be mad.”

Then Jlx_27 pitches in this quip: “No you are not. NCIS is on its last legs. A NCIS/LA/New Orleans cross-over movie would make for a good ending. (Yes I happily fully ignore Hawai’i)”.

Writer jarret432 says, “I think you are right to feel that it is different but are wrong in thinking it hasn’t been a successful season so far. I feel that the writers are doing a fine job and the show is doing as well as anyone could have expected after the departure of Gibbs.”

NCIS was moved by CBS from its longtime Tuesday night slot into Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. It acts as a lead-in to NCIS: Hawai’i that stars Vannessa Lachey.

Sean Murray, Cole, David McCallum, Brian Dietzen, Wilmer Valderrama, and Katrina Law are among the show’s cast members.

By the way, here’s a quick trivia factoid about Mark Harmon. He has appeared on 23 different TV Guide covers in his career. The most recent one was a special edition published soon after Harmon left the show.