‘NCIS’ Fan’s ‘Unpopular Opinion’ About Alden Parker Seems To Be the Consensus

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are expressing what looks like a very popular “unpopular opinion” about Alden Parker. This is following the exit of Agent Gibbs actor Mark Harmon, who was on the show for almost two decades. Parker has taken over his job.

As a new character whose replacing an incredibly loved one, Parker is a prime candidate for hate from the fanbase no matter what he’s really like. However, it looks like the writer’s room along with actor Gary Cole have done the impossible. People actually like him?

‘NCIS’ Fans talked Parker in a Recent Reddit Thread

One fan posted a thread titled, “Unpopular Opinion: I like Parker.” The fan continued, “Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.”

“You know what…the writers played it well….i think we are gonna be ok ;),” another fan wrote. Following the news that Harmon was leaving, many fans felt like there was no way they’d continue watching. But hopefully, with Parker’s likability, NCIS will be able to overcome the challenge of losing its main character.

“I second that! I’m feeling optimistic about the future of NCIS without Harmon,” a Reddit user replied.

It’s something that would typically take down any show, but it looks like the show, which is the highest-rated drama in the world, may be able to survive it.

Fans Seem to Like Both New Characters

“I kind of liked him in the last episode. It’s so hard to replace a beloved character like Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but I liked his manner,” another fan said. Others are talking about how Gary Cole has brought a ton to the role.

“I like Gary Cole in just about every role I see him in,” another fan said. Cole has been in major productions like The Good Wife and The Good Fight along with the hit comedy Office Space. He’s brought a ton to each role, and his new role on NCIS seems to be perfect for him.

I like him too! I also like Knight. They didn’t try to make her exactly like the former female agents.”

Knight is played by actress Katrina Law. Law made a guest appearance as night in the final episodes of season 18. Now that she’s joined 19 as a full-time cast member

NCIS fans have been not so thrilled with new people joining the show in the past. With so many familiar people leaving, it can be hard to adjust. Somehow, Gary Cole and the writers room have managed to make some fans see that there is an NCIS without Gibbs.

If you want to catch the next episode of this new era of NCIS, you can tune in to CBS on most Monday nights at 9/8 central.