‘NCIS’ Fans Want Gary Cole To Sneak In Some of His Classic Lines

by Taylor Cunningham

Gary Cole may have been cast as the newest NCIS lead agent. But he’s having a hard time stepping out of the shadow of his past roles.

As most of you know, Cole has played some majorly iconic characters in his day. The actor was Reese Bobby in Talladega Nights, Bill Lumbergh in Office Space, and Ted Jones in Pineapple Express. His roles are literally what memes are made of.

So it’s no surprise that NCIS fans can’t stop thinking of his past characters while he solves crime every Monday on CBS. Starring as a legend can be both a curse and a blessing. Just ask Harrison Ford.

And in a recent Reddit thread, one fan publically wondered why NCIS writers haven’t put some Reese Bobby Easter eggs in any of Cole’s episodes.

“It would be sweet [if] the writers would add one liners Gary Cole said in Talladega Nights into new episodes of NCIS,” firmdoge76 wrote. “One of my favs, ‘is that a huffy?'”

A few fellow Redditors agreed with the sentiment. But they wanted to see an Office Space reference instead. And who can blame them? It is one of the greatest comedies of all time, after all.

“I’m struggling so much with this character,” wrote oylaura. “I can’t stop seeing [Lumbergh].”

“Lol. That’d be Great, totally forgot the memo and TPS reports,” the original poster responded.

However, some NCIS fans want people to cut the poor guy some slack. Gary Cole got away from typecasting, and they want him to shine as a serious actor.

Borellis added, “I am obsessed with this handsome man. I think they are deliberately making him a chill boss so far, as the opposite of his Office Space character.”

Then, one user chimed in to say that the Gary Cole lines are played out. And it’s time for one of his co-stars to shine.

“They stopped doing that like 10 years ago,” Aranelmac replied. “I want them to add some fez lines for Wilmer Valderrama from that 70 show.”

Gary Cole Actually Did Drop an Old-School Reference During an ‘NCIS’ Episode

While the Redditors were busy thinking about Gary Cole’s starring roles in Talladega Nights and Office Space they failed to realize that the actor has dropped an old Easter egg in an NCIS episode.

Cole played Mike Brady in the Spoof films The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequal. And in a recent NCIS episode titled Docked, the actor paid homage to his 1970s roots.

In the show, McGee was coping after finding out that his mother-in-law (played by Patricia Richardson) was having an affair with one of their victims. So Cole’s character, Alden Parker, dropped by McGee’s house one night to offer some advice on family woes.

During his pep talk, he said, “I came from a big family. Like Brady Bunch big. You can’t play Switzerland forever.”

That reference is proof that Gary Cole isn’t above dropping hilariously cryptic lines into his scenes. So give him time, after a few seasons, we’ll probably hear some more Easter eggs.