‘NCIS’ Fans Were Not Happy About One Scene With Gibbs

by Chase Thomas

There will never be another Agent Gibbs on NCIS. After nineteen seasons on the CBS drama, the longtime leader of the group, Mark Harmon, elected to finally leave the series. It was a tough moment and time for NCIS fans everywhere as folks loved his role as Gibbs. His departure left a permanent hole in a lot of fans’ hearts. However, his future on the show could have gone a very different way before he exited the CBS program. Yes, NCIS fans were not happy about one particular scene with Gibbs.

It came at the beginning of Season 19. Yes, when Gibbs went to the cemetery to visit his wife and daughter’s graves, there was a tombstone with his name and date of birth on it. Some folks on Twitter took that as a signifier that this meant he could be on the way out altogether as a character. However, none of that came to fruition and Gibbs is still alive and well, presumably in Alaska. Only time will tell if fans see him again on CBS.

Jamie Lee Curtis on Harmon

Harmon leaving the show was tough for a lot of folks. It was also tough for a lot of folks who worked with him. One of those was Curtis who wrote on social media at the time of his exit from the show, “I just read that my friend, Mark Harmon is leaving his leadership position @ncis_cbs.” She continued, “One of the unexpected delights of my varied career was being able to do five episodes opposite him and his team in front of and behind the camera. My favorite line was when I was coming down from his bedroom, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Certainly worked for him and his Jethro Gibbs character. Well done Harmon. Gary would be/is so proud!”

Curtis’s words were powerful and signified that there was a strong professional admiration for both legendary actors on the program. Her role was not long for the show, but it obviously made an impact on her.

Mark Harmon on ‘NCIS’

Not too long ago, Harmon appeared on The Rich Eisen Show. On it, he talked about working on the show and whatnot. He also talked about the value of respect on-set. He said, “Now I don’t know if like, it’s important, but respect is important.” It’s something that is easily overlooked sometimes but not by Harmon. He continued, “You have to try and get along.”

It was important that the chemistry and team atmosphere remained true on the show. Everyone needed to respect one another, that goes a long way. You can watch NCIS on CBS.