‘NCIS’ Fans Have a Wild Theory About Gibbs Returning in Later Seasons

by Joe Rutland

It appears that NCIS fans are really hungry for Leroy Jethro Gibbs to make a return sometime to the series. So, like when?

Oh boy. Let’s unpack this, Outsiders, with some help from this thread on Reddit.

This is titled “Season 19/20 idea”. The first fan writes, “This is just my opinion, but I feel like season 19 had the potential to be one of the best seasons ever. That could have [let] Mark Harmon have the limited role that he wanted, and made fans happy. And when the news broke about Harmon’s role this season, I was expecting them to [do] something like this.

‘NCIS’ Fan Posits That Vance Could Step Down and Gibbs Take Over As Director

“Imagine if Vance stepped down as director of NCIS, and Gibbs took over,” this Redditor writes. “This would allow him to be in [a] few episodes, and the episodes he is in, he would have to be on screen for like 1 scene. Then McGee takes over Gibbs’ old team, and Torres takes over McGee’s old job. Maybe have 1-2 episodes with the team like this, the way it was in season 1 when I was just Gibbs and Tony until they find someone else that’s a good match.”

Now the NCIS fan goes on to say that it could possibly happen since Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, has been offered the job many times before

“If they did it that way the actors involved have the roles they want, and fans are kept really happy with the show,” the NCIS super fan writes. “Who knows maybe they will in season 20 or beyond. What do you guys think?”

Redditor Points Out That Leroy Hated That Job As Interim Director

A Redditor replies, “Gibbs hated the job when he was interim director, there’s no way he would want the director position, it totally goes against his personality.”

Then, we have this fan: “Let Gibbs retire already. Maybe make appearances like Senior does. Pop in have some fun and leave.”

Finally, there is this NCIS thought from another Redditor.

“Gibbs was interim director and hated it so no way he would take over permanently,” the fan writes. “Also, McGee has said he doesn’t want Gibbs job because it takes too much time away from his kids.”

NCIS has been one of the standouts for CBS for many seasons. Harmon left the show during this season and has not given a signal when he’d be willing to return on the TV screen.

This does make Sean Murray as Timothy McGee, David McCallum as “Ducky” Mallard, and Brian Dietzen as Dr. Jimmy Palmer as the longest-tenured on-screen characters at this time.