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‘NCIS’ Fans Wish This Character Wasn’t Killed Off the Show

by Joe Rutland
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There are some NCIS fans who are expressing their thoughts that a character who was killed off of the CBS drama was still there.

Who is this character? Fans hopped over on a Reddit thread titled “They shouldn’t have killed off Reeves”.

Redditor iamhuman3 writes, “well, I mean, did they write him out, or did the actor want to move on? there has been a LOT of drama on the set of this show causing people to leave that even affected the N.O. spin-off. my only thing is they didn’t spoil it. We all came through thinking they were gonna kill Abby (probably to a lot of people’s disappointment). I like the shock of surprise that all the other shows seem to want to spoil months in advance.”

NCIS fan DaWalt1976 replies, “The problem was that one of the showrunners who brought him in was the only one who knew what was planned for the Reeves character and how he would fit in. Then said showrunner suddenly passed away, leaving the producers and writers with no idea what to do with Clayton Reeves. So they, along with the actor, elected to off Reeves.”

‘NCIS’ Had Actor Duane Henry Play M16 Agent Clayton Reeves on Show

Actor Duane Henry played M16 Agent Clayton Reeves. Outsiders, his character was created by former NCIS showrunner Gary Glasburg.

Sadly, Glasburg died on Sept. 28, 2016, and Henry was his creation. With no story moving forward, Henry and show producers decided to write him out at Season 15’s end.

So, NCIS fan 2Schnell4U says, “Yeah, he was pretty cool. Loved his accent and just super chill vibe. It was interesting to have another male character who kinda broke male stereotypes. The character of Reeves seemed more open to being vulnerable than Tony did and Torres does, and Gibbs certainly doesn’t seem to be vulnerable much.”

Outsiders, NCIS is on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, on CBS.

Jessica Knight Actor Katrina Law Has Personal Connection with ‘Acting Coach’

So, Katrina Law of NCIS has a personal connection with a person she calls her acting coach. She plays Jessica Knight on the CBS series.

Law joined NCIS this season, but she’s had solid people in her career. Among them is her husband, Keith Andreen, and her manager, Joel Stevens.

She talked about it in a 2019 interview with Pop Culturalist.

Why is it between these two? Law said because they had faith in her and “their ability to speak to me with the hard truth but yet do it in a kind, loving way that didn’t defeat me or destroy me.”

Law adds, “My husband has been my acting coach since 2009.” In that year, she started booking everything.